Forsaken World

Alternative names: WORLD forsaken, forseken WORLD, WORLD forseyken, forseken

Game Forsaken WORLD - this MMORPG (massively multiplayer online game with preservation of the characteristics that can be developed), created by the studio, which is known throughout the world - Beijing Perfect World. Forsaken World game has become so popular and outside of Asia, at the end of 2011 appeared the Russian version of the game.

To begin playing the game Forsaken World Free

1) download game Forsaken World

2) to register

3) Install the game on your computer

4) Start the game and create your character

Forsaken World registration is just filling a few fields, such as username, password, email address and some personal information.

Once you see at least screenshots or video game, you will definitely want to start playing Forsaken World to download the client and plunge into this fantasy world.

After registering, you will need to download the Forsaken


- Using a torrent client (for a sufficiently wide channel it will be about 20 minutes)

- Communicating directly download, you have to wait about 1. 5:00.

Game Forsaken require installation on your computer

The size of the game file 3. 6Gb, which means the graphics quality and richness of the plot, so you should check the system requirements and available space on the computer!

Ira FW captures the very first seconds of the game of modern graphics in which all the details worked out to small details. Forsaken World online allows various fantastic locations to visit, travel, performing various tasks, you will hunt monstrous monsters take different dangerous dungeons, fight with other players in the same arenas and duels.

Forsaken World online game consists of five races: vesperiany, frangory, dwarves, humans and elves.

Of all the creatures in this world Frangory are very brave and courageous. In this race, not the female population, men only. Their bodies are made of stone, they are hard as steel spirit, courage in the hearts of burning. In all battles frangory always in the forefront, thereby taking on the brunt of the chest. In addition to their excellent combat skills, they are excellent blacksmiths. However, without looking at his strength, peace-loving people frangorov enough.

While the human race is very militant, violent and has the ability to organize and adapt to society. People primarily seek to ensure that know the universe, they are very wise and developed versatile. Representatives of this race brave warriors and brave dangerous killers, also influential magicians and priests are very wise. In battle, they will always be a strong enemy and reliable ally powerful enemies and reliable allies.

Most mysterious race will vesperiany. They are beautiful as angels, for the love are capable of great sacrifices, and yet sufficiently strong and dangerous. With people vesperiany practically do not get along, live closed and do not enter into alliances. But together this wonderful race live united and held together only.

Race Dwarfs - the oldest and most technologically advanced group of beings, in the battle to defeat the raging sea is not easy. Gnomes growth did not come, but they are very stocky and hardy. their main occupation - blacksmithing and mining. Magic gnomes despise and do not understand, and if you do not understand it and do not recognize it.

Elves - that representatives of the fifth refined and sophisticated race; everything that they just do not touch, it is exactly the same amazing and wonderful. They love nature and are ready to give it all in every way possible, even if I have to use the weapon.

Also in Forsaken World there are classes: warrior, defender, vampire killer, bard, mage, priest and arrows.

In battle, soldiers as generals lead the troops. Defenders take the brunt, protecting all allies. Vampires are elusive and cunning. These beings are capable of knocking an opponent confused during battle. Killer may be lurking in the shadows and in the most unexpected moment strike first. Magicians have sosobnostyami manage wild elements, and convert natural phenomena in strikes. Priests can heal and resurrect fallen heroes in battle. Arrows have keen eyesight and are able to kill the enemy from a distance. Hopefully, the game will really bring you pleasure and you will be playing Forsaken World with gratitude.

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