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Foundation strategy and city-building simulator, two in one. The game has beautiful 3d graphics in cartoon style. The music is chosen well for the era displayed in the game. The voice acting of animals and people gives the game a special rustic charm.

In the game, you will create and develop a small settlement.

Starting to play Foundation - you need to choose the right place to build the first buildings. Ideally, it should be located not too far from various sources of resources.

Population growth here is happening in an unusual way. Most often in similar games, an excess of residential buildings is enough and this guarantees an increase in the population. In this game, everything is done more realistically. The population increases significantly due to migration, and in order for people to migrate to your settlement, they must be able to earn their livelihood and more. It is jobs that can significantly increase the population.

Consider their aura color when building. Industrial buildings have a red aura, which means that such objects should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings. The sawmill working near the house creates considerable discomfort with its noise.

Some buildings have a green aura. Such structures, on the contrary, increase the comfort of residential buildings. For example, it is highly desirable to have a well nearby so that residents do not have to go far for water.

It's not that easy, keep the balance. If the place of work is too far from home, the population also does not like this location.

In addition, you need to think about the fact that the resources were nearby. For example, you can build a quarry right in the middle of the city, and it will even function. But it will be very slow to mine the stone, because the workers will have to carry the stone from afar.

You will have a lot of activities in the game


  • Field processing
  • Mining
  • Construction and improvement of buildings
  • Trade
  • Make sure that the population does not need anything

Here is a partial list of important things to do.

The game is addictive, for all these troubles the time flies by unnoticed. It is possible to change the game speed.

All villagers have a rank. By increasing the rank of residents, you can, for example, build more advanced residential buildings.

But don't rush into it. For example, peasants of low rank live in one house with a fairly large number of families. As the rank increases, each of the families will want to have a separate house. You may not have enough resources to build so many buildings at the same time and the number of satisfied population will decrease significantly. Disgruntled residents may even leave your village.

Which of the buildings are available for construction is determined by three parameters.

  1. People
  2. King
  3. Church

See which of the parameters you need to improve in order to be able to build more complex new buildings.

Foundation download for free on PC, unfortunately, there is no way. You can purchase the game on the Steam platform, or on the official website.

Install the game and start building your village right now!

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