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FPS Chess is the most unusual chess imaginable. In the game you will find nice 3d graphics and a pleasant relaxing atmosphere with a burning fireplace and a toy railway. If you decide to spend some time thinking about your next move for hours, then this is not such a game at all.

When you start playing FPS Chess, everything is really like a classic chess game, but only until the first attack. At such moments, the game acquires all the signs of a real shooter. You will need to literally fight with the enemy and find out on the battlefield who will win and lose a piece on the field. Moreover, the victim, obvious for a chess game, does not necessarily suffer. Everything can turn out completely differently.

Each of the chess pieces has its own weapon and set of techniques.

  • Pawn's gun
  • Bow with arrows - at the horse
  • Sword - at the king's
  • Sniper rifle at the boat
  • Machine gun - at the queen

Some of the pieces can literally move through the air, and the rook can build shelters in the form of walls.

The arsenal of available techniques and tactics is huge. Actions are not limited to the chessboard. You can use the entire room and any of the items in it during battles. Even turn a locomotive into an armored train armed with a machine gun, for example.

Weapon power is different. With a bow, one accurate shot is enough, but with a gun, you will need more hits. The battle is fought not only by two pieces controlled by the players, the rest of the fighters on the board can, at their own discretion, decide to join and help their commander.

To win, as in normal chess, it is enough to destroy the king of the enemy army, but in this case it can be even more difficult than in a normal chess game.

Play FPS Chess locally against one of your friends. In this case, it is even possible to arrange a knockout championship among the group. Or you wish to fight with an unknown opponent online. In the case of a multiplayer game, you will choose from several proposed opponents. But, unfortunately, sometimes the search for an opponent takes quite a long time. As the popularity of the game grows, this problem will disappear.

Before playing, it is highly advisable to go through training by selecting the appropriate item in the options. So you can quickly figure out how to control a particular figure during the battle and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your warriors.

In addition to directly participating in battles, watch the matches of other players. In addition to the usual curiosity, you will get the opportunity to peep useful techniques and tactics of warfare.

The developers regularly update the game by adding new modes and expanding the list of features. Therefore, by the time you read this text, the game will probably become even more fun and exciting.

You can download

FPS Chess for free on PC if you follow the link on this page. The game is completely free!

If you love classical chess, you will have fun playing this game! And even if chess is not your favorite game, learn more about it and win some games. Start playing right now!

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