Alternative names: FTWars

Online Game FTW - free browser MMORPG, covering three game style: PvP («player & player»), PvE («player & Environment") and RvR («& kingdom kingdom") . To try yourself in this rather humorous toy, you must have:

1) PC with the operating system, not less than XP (service pack 2) / 2000 (service pack 4) / ME;

2) the latest version of the browser Mozilla Firefox.

To start the game you have to go to the registration page FTW, located on the official website of the game.

Join in the game FTW insanely easy. Specify

• your e-mail;

• password;

• the name of the hero;

• select one of the two races ...

... And all! You pave the way to study. Step FTW online registration does not oblige any download clients. Yes, and any updates, serious traffic consumption and riltayma in the game you will not see. The reason is that the FTW online - free browser game, as mentioned above. And let the schedule is not blinding splendor, but the eye, all well, pleasant. Decent plot and well developed in-game social component to spur the imagination of any modern cleaner engine with 3D-charms, distracting from the most important - "live" communication. And here it is important. Play the game online you have to FTW and the Australians, and Icelanders, Americans and others, different nationality, occupation and status in society. Which undoubtedly only adds poignancy to the gameplay.

Play the game online you have to FTW or Dendrunom or mechanical. And those and others can boast of its own color, personality parameters, interface and buildings. Fur mobile, love to go order and live under a totalitarian regime. In contrast, the slow and cumbersome Dendruny extremely freedom-loving, and because their life proceeds in meditative anarchy. Mechanical deity stands Nanonirvana, Dendrunov - Eternally Fruiting Pinocchio. Proceeding from the very names already own, we can conclude that the game is not without FTW online irony, sometimes delighting sarcasm or even some black humor.

Local combat system is not complicated. To play FTW fully, will join the battle quite often. To do this, choose a victim (or the name of focusing on the level) and attack. The battle begins automatically to come to an end on the 15th round. Received more than lose significant damage or someone whose life "falls" below 20.

Original things affecting different characteristics, you can purchase at your local store. Pet, you will start a little later, with the advent of sufficient experience. Some of the buildings built by you, will bring benefits: in the areas of finance, inventory, skills.

In addition to everything FTW play - it's not just talk or fight. It also means ... yes, work! Dendruny earn a livelihood in the Garden, fur - on the conveyor. However, special work for you personally, it will not make. All that is needed - specify time and continue to go about their business. Payments you receive, as expected, at the end of work. You can also earn by attacking other players or completing mini-quests. However, in the past, you can not always get the money, but any other utility, including, and experience.

So, in brief about the story (and the more fun you'll learn all for gameplay). FTW online game will offer you in unimaginably distant galaxy ZaChuM (that is, Musty Closet Universe). It was there and were sent previously mentioned herein race, have been recognized as absolutely hopeless. Dendruny and fur all the time on the brink of a ruthless war. Determined more on whose side you're on, and on - turn up the fate of the universe FeTreeWar!

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