Galaxy Life

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Another representative Plinga Play game Galaxy Life. As many have already know, this series of games can not make smile even the skeptics. The essence of the game is painfully simple, and the graphics and sweet natured nastolno that learn from their children about the game, and often parents begin to register and play. Indeed, this game - the perfect way to relax and spend time without thinking about the meaning of life difficult and frustrating his own fantasy world. In some ways, Galaxy Life online smacks of many online applications Vkontakte and Facebook. That is, simply put, this game is a wonderful way to spend your spare time for the benefit of the soul!

And yes, as it happens in almost all online games, Galaxy Life exactly registration is also required. The registration process can be simplified in the event that you previously had to deal with games Plinga, and you've wound up in the system account. In this case, you can simply log under its previously recorded data and start the game. And in the case with all games from Plinga Play you do not have something extra downloaded and installed, it will be enough just having an account. If you want to test the game, click on the "Try it."

1. If you are new to this system, you will need to register. If desired, any player can log in using your account to Facebook. If you desire to tie the game for the social network you do not, you will fill out the registration form.

2. All design of the game has become more affordable, you can switch the language of the website in Russian, which can be done by changing the check box in the upper right corner of the game window (just the game window).

3. Registration form will be provided to you right in the center of the game screen. In the upper field of the form (box «E-mail») write down your e-mail address.

4. By tradition, the line "Password" fill in the password of your account.

5. Enter your nickname in the line "User Name".

6. System to believe in your good intentions, and you quickly started playing the game Galaxy Life, agree with the rules of use of the system and user agreement. It can be delivered to the relevant line in front of a tick.

7. If you want to receive future e-newsletter from the administration site, the following line can tick off, but if not - leave the box blank.

8. All completed and checked for correctness? Click "Register".

Entering the game, you will automatically find yourself in some completely new system. Do you own a small plot of land, and who later you will want to protect. Develop the structure, because they will bring you profit in the game. On the whole, play Galaxy Life is simple and clear and basic training you will pass easily. Invite friends from Facebook and other social networks, because together better. In addition to free to play Galaxy Life can be anyone. Hurry to see!

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