Galaxy on Fire 2

Alternative names: Galaxy on Fire 2

Game Galaxy on Fire 2 is an online game about space battles in the galaxy. Waiting for this game all over the world, after the successful project of the first part of the game. Millions of people have played in the Galaxy on Fire on the phones.

Now, Galaxy on Fire 2 may please fans and the products Apple, because recently the game was developed for the platform iOS.

There is also a version of Galaxy on Fire 2 android, specially designed for mobile phones on Android (version 2.3 above).


Online game Galaxy on Fire 2 is you can download it on any site that provides this feature. Download free game is one torrent file, but to download it you must install the program on your computer.


Before the game, review of Galaxy on Fire 2 video, where you can find a guide to the game, the benefits of game modes and other features of the game.

In Galaxy on Fire 2 pc play much more comfortable than any other mobile version.

Events in the game taking place on behalf of the protagonist - Keith Maxwell. He had to pass a difficult test in the first game. But the adventure is not over it. His ship was attacked by evil pirates. After the events he gets in a distant galaxy. To return home, he will have to build a powerful ship, but it takes a lot of details that need to make money.

Keith will consider a plan to return home and slowly introduce it into reality. But the problems do not end it. He will have to fight against foreign enemies, to deal with the mysterious race that is constantly attacking civilians and base station.


The game itself is divided into several separate space sectors. Between them, you can safely travel. There are systems that are customized to your hostility, and there, and vice versa. There are also many safe stations. However, for you in the game there is another danger - that I go to the pirates.

Move between sectors of space, you'll be on repeaters.

Each planet (a celestial body) has a huge station. Huge chunks of iron serve several functions in the game:

- Hangar for modernization of ships;

- Trade;

- Seat assignments (where you get a job).


Lounges you can meet different personalities that will give you any order: the destruction of pirates or transportation of people. A quest you get a certain amount of credits. If the money for something you do not have enough, you can also engage in trade.

Buy today in outer store, you must deliver them to where they are most in need. Usually it is the most distant corners of space.

You can also engage in drilling asteroids. They have their differences. The best asteroid that marked class A. It can hide itself in gems.

Discover in Galaxy on Fire 2 secrets, and then the game will be much easier for you.


Immerse yourself in this incredible cosmic world!

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