Gallendor Battlegrounds

Alternative names: Battlegrounds

Gallendor Battlegrounds online - unique free browser based strategy that gamers have the opportunity to work with real people. Company Quest of Gallendor bother to create a game that can be accessible to everyone. To get to the fascinating world of the Middle Ages, we need only check Gallendor Battlegrounds. If your computer meets the minimum system requirements and have an Internet connection, join Gallendor Battlegrounds matter of minutes. You do not require additional installation or download the game client. Join in the game Gallendor Battlegrounds will not cause any problems, since you just need to enter the following information:

1) Character Name

2) Password

3) E-mail

Register Gallendor Battlegrounds will be completed by pressing the appropriate button, and you will become an inhabitant of the cruel world that will conquer through his skill and cunning.

Online game Gallendor Battlegrounds - a way to demonstrate its strategic and economic thinking, his courage and endurance, a chance to rise above the other players, proving his opponents that you have come here for nothing. You will Gallendor Battlegrounds play through various tests. Directing vast armies, you will take part in epic battles. It is possible that over time, you have created an empire famous for his strength and inaccessibility. Main reliably strengthen Castle - a building that is your main sanctuary.

Your own settlement will require a lot of effort at the beginning of the establishment, and in the future in the management. But once you start playing Gallendor Battlegrounds, this already publicly stated that the difficulties are not afraid. So be ready to fight with the monsters, defend against enemies, to mine resources, build, manage their possessions and destroy other people, making surprise attacks. But remember, you can schedule a raid only when you believe that the development of the town opponents slower than you.

To play the game online Gallendor Battlegrounds, moving forward, will require resources. You are given the monetary and material and human resources.

Without monetary and material resources is impossible to develop the industry. Almost all activities require investments of certain resources. For example, without the building materials you have not built any Construct unarmed your soldiers did not go into battle, and the lack of food and water at all could end tragic outcome (mass extinction of the population). Also keep in mind that the location of the resources, transportation, too much depends.

Human Resources - people who inhabit your land. They intended role performers your orders. At the expense of people replenished Your treasury, performed various jobs (eg construction), are the army. Without dedicated wards you people can not achieve success, because they are assistants to implement your plans. Provide your people with all the necessary and care. Only in this way you will avoid public discontent and achieve their part of effective labor. It is necessary not only to monitor food supplies, but also skillfully organize recreational activities. For example, it is possible after a grueling battle to lead his men to hunt. Not do without built entertainment and religious structures within your fortress. As a wise master and fair leader, you can enjoy the respect of the people, so to play the game online Gallendor Battlegrounds will be much easier.

Gallendor Battlegrounds online game requires constant monitoring of a number of indicators. This is, firstly, increased levels of combat units, which give confidence in brutal combat. Second, the development of scientific activity in your jurisdiction laboratories. You do not want to allow for technological backwardness? Third, preventing increase growth rate of mortality. As already mentioned, from human resources much depends. But not only from themselves, but also, of course, their number. And if people will die en masse, then you certainly will not sdobrovat! Fourth, training and improvement of different species troops. If you are archers, infantry, cavalry and magicians - this is the key to success in the war. After a battle they support and complement each other.

Gallendor Battlegrounds online game is divided into levels. New players are encouraged to undergo training level to understand the game, to understand its essence. As the level of improvements are available in all areas. You will be able to improve the industry, expand ownership, reach heights in science and more. Now do not relax! Players on the other side of the screen is also growing and developing, presenting an immediate threat to you. Be prepared to repel the attack at any moment!

Do not doubt that winning the world Gallendor Battlegrounds, you get maximum enjoyment! Do not be put off by the apparent complexity, because you and the same to come for here to be overcome. Soak up the atmosphere deafening ringing bells lyazganya blades screams of wounded soldiers and loud cries commanders. Beautiful graphics emphasize the beauty of medieval castles and stately knights stand before you as if alive.

We can only wish that away from you, dear players, did not turn away good luck!

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