Alternative names: Gameglobe

Game Gameglobe is a mix of Action, Adventure, TPS, Quest, Racing genres. But in essence, the game Gameglobe is a huge editor with a large set of different tools so that everyone can realize their ideas, you can both create and immediately after creating play in your creation, realize your ideas, this is what this game stimulates you. You can play the online game Gameglobal absolutely free of charge since it was created in the mode F2P (FreetoPlay).

To start in Gameglobalplay you must have a computer with these system requirements:

  • processor CeleronDual-Core 1. 6GHz or higher;
  • video card gef or 8800 GS or higher;
  • RAM 1 GB or more;
  • operating system WindowsXP or later versions;
  • places on a hard disk of at least 2 GB;
  • DirectXDX 9;
  • Internet connection;
  • keyboard;
  • th

If your computer has these characteristics, then your next step will be Gameglobe registration:

    1. Go to the site ig2 Gameglobe;
    2. in the top right in the column Username enter your playing name;
    3. will down a password and remember it;
    4. Also enter your email address;
    5. accept copyright agreements by clicking the check mark;
    6. press the big green button below Signup;
    7. follow the instructions and download the game client;
    8. Enter your details and start the adventures that you yourself create.

To create your world, your game with your beautiful fields and nature, you are presented with a huge set of tools for creating forests, roads, waterfalls, caves, obstacles, deserts, snow-covered meadows and much, much more expectation of your imagination. Create scripts, write stories, make an unforgettable character and share it with other people. Each of us has always dreamed of creating our own game, that's for sure, and this became possible with the game Gameglobe.

Creating a world you can run your character through it yourself. Let's figure out how to control your hero. It's very simple to navigate around the world using familiar buttons W S A D (up, back, left, right) to move to the side use the keys Q E. To jump, use the spacebar or the right mouse button. The left button serves for striking and interacting with objects of the environment, also grabbing the rope, you can swing the movement keys and R F to climb up the rope or go down.

In the game Gameglobe there are vehicles, such as: SUV, sled, truck and snowboard. Managing them is not difficult. In order to get into the car you press the left mouse button going up to it, for movement we use the keys W S A D. The handbrake in the game is attached to the spacebar button to exit the vehicle. You use the button TAB, to accelerate, press W and S to brake. Managing all means of transport is common so that you can figure out how to drive a snowboard, a truck, and a sled.

So visit the site, register and create a game, a masterpiece, an adventure, your world with amazing characters, villains. Playing Gameglobe for free gives you a chance to create your game and share it with friends and the community Gameglobe. Be unique and do what you wanted for a long time. Here they are waiting for you!

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