Alternative names: Gargon

Online game Gargon - free and browser-based, casual crowded, making the entire gaming process is greatly simplified. In order to begin its development, you do not have to download and install anything. All that is required - go to your browser and go step Registration Gargonia.

Join in the game Gargonia at its first stage offers a future player immediately determine which side he prefers confrontation classify themselves - to Gargonitam or Marines. And if you click on the logo of the camp (or the link with the name under it), which is less than the number of registered, you will be given a bonus for supporting balance. Then, when you have already begun to Gargonia online, you can always change the camp. Determine the choice, you will, as usual, specify your email address, under which name you will play and under what password - enter the game. Gargonia register here easy and standard.

Unique online game Gargonia that offers continuity of gameplay through the "autonomy" of actions of your character. That is, if you need to or exit from the game, or turn off your computer, your character is no longer engaged in the affairs entrusted to him. You can send it to work, and then returning to the game, get laid for her salary.

Game Gargon has its monetary units - some tokens, which you can get a working, beating the enemy or finding in intelligence. For real money enrich tokens will not work - it's only in-game currency Gargonia. Play without them, however, will be difficult, because this money allows players to purchase various things to improve the home, or your alliance to improve the performance.

By the way, about the characteristics. Durability is responsible for reducing damage taken. Power - for the impact force when attacking in battle. Mobility - for evading enemy attacks. Food - for vitality. Intelligence - for critical hits (those that cause the most damage) during the battle. Glory - for the position in the ranking of players. Gargonia online game guarantees you constant progress thanks to the continuous production of the experience affect your game level.

When you start to play the game online Gargonia, you learn that you can not only build, but also to improve their homes. Soup:

• House - with each new level of the building adds an extra slot for things;

• Shield rage - it is useful to attack the enemy, as it increases strength;

• symbol rage - increase the capacity of the attack;

• Chest - keep your tokens is the availability of the enemy

• shield of honor - will increase the strength of the defense;

• symbol of honor - increase the capacity of the defense;

• Badges tree - if you have a fourth level and above, it will be for you a stable source of income;

• path - help in finding suitable opponents;

• fence - the strength of the player in the attack will increase the amount of intake level.

Play the game online Gargonia - be in the midst of the confrontation between the two camps - "Gargonitov" and "Marine." United in groups or alliances, the heroes of the game can go to war and make alliances, while engaged in the construction of dwellings and the development of their fortresses.

So, Gargonia online game that will bring you one hundred percent fun, because you expect and stylish characters and bessmetnoe number of quests and entertaining combat system ... just not count. Be bold, and know from experience the entire scope envisaged adventure game, designed with humor and wit. Go ahead and start playing Gargonia!

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