Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Alternative names: Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Gas Guzzlers Extreme game is a modern racing action. Gas Guzzlers Extreme - a completely new game that will amaze you with dynamic, violent, aggressive and full of auto racing weapons.

Game Gas Guzzlers Extreme you can download on the official website of the game. Download the game you need to build your game client.


In game play Gas Guzzlers Extreme you will cruel rules. The second title game in Gas Guzzlers Extreme - it's a race for survival. This game makes the blood boil in your veins.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme - a new offshoot of the racing action in the world, thanks to the fierce and brutal battles.

In order to communicate with other players in the game Gas Guzzlers Extreme You will need to register on the forum games. This will give you the opportunity to not only learn a lot of useful information about the game, but also to find new friends.


To start the game Gas Guzzlers Extreme pc you will need to first download and then install the game client. Game developers are advised before the game to see about Gas Guzzlers Extreme video. It will familiarize you with all the game features.

Before downloading the game client, check whether the parameters meet the system requirements for the game:

1) Dual-core 2. 0 GHz - Processor.

2) 2 GB - RAM.

3) 12 GB - HDD.


Then play the game Gas Guzzlers Extreme you start on the old ruined car. Gradually, you will develop and make its path to new foreign cars, which differ in the speed, capacity and other features.

In-Game Gas Guzzlers Extreme You will earn money through adrenaline racing, as well as special battle arenas.

Here waiting for you hundreds of vehicles, weapons, power-ups, extreme tracks and upgrades. As the passing game will open up new modes, cars and tracks.

Once you earn a weighty amount of money you can improve your car: change its appearance and settings. You can also spend your earned money on a career promotion, earning fame.

Game Gas Guzzlers Extreme has the following features:

1) 12 hour gameplay.

2) The single player campaign.

3) Seven different modes championships. Four teams can simultaneously participate.

4) Seven locations, more than 500 kilometers of roads, as well as eight gaming arenas.

5) Bonuses, 12 guns and gain.

6) Cars that you can customize (change colors, stickers, wheels).

7) Sponsored and unique race track.

8) Playing with bots.

9) present the possibility of your car coloring options.

10) Unusual and qualitative effects.

11) Support steering wheel, joystick, keyboard, etc.

12) Sea of ​​humor.


Join the world extreme Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Participate in different types of races: sponsorship, championships. Occupies the first place and become the best player in Gas Guzzlers Extreme.

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