Gatling Gears

Alternative names: Gatling Gears

System requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1. 8 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000 +


Video: 256 MB

Disk Space: 2 GB


Gatling Gears - arcade shooter, which is set in a world created by all the canons of style steampunk. This action is wholly enclosed in a shell game, ruled by the reaction time, the accuracy of the player and the caliber of your gun. Gatling Gears game tells the story of how scanty as a huge Empire wants to get their hands on all the world's abundant resource, using any means and methods, not disdaining killing everyone who dares to show resistance. But in the universe Gitling Gears impossible without heroics and there was one person who has decided to challenge the bloodthirsty empire. At the helm of his fighting walking robot protagonist named Max Brawley dares stop the advance of the invaders.




Gatling Gears, which will have to play quickly and accurately, consists of multiple layers, and each of them you will have to expect a huge pile of enemies. Each of the five chapters missions Gatling Gears is just swarming with enemies and they must be destroyed to a man, otherwise you will not be able to pass on. We will ask spread barracks, bring down a water tower, or blow up the airfield, but we will always ask for something to break, blow up or destroy. Gatling Gears game differs a great variety of purposes, then we will meet and grenade launchers, and heavy bombers, and trains, all of which will be complemented by minefields, excavators, throwing huge logs, and classics of the genre - a huge, occupying half of location bosses at the end of each of the levels. Gatling Gears, play that we can only limited possibilities of the fur - pulamety, bazooka, grenade launcher and special skill as a special blast wave that destroys everything around. Wave, a very powerful weapon, and therefore is available only once per mission.




In any of the locations Gatling Gears scattered gold bars, which are worth to collect with the utmost care. Earned money so you can spend in the store, accessible before each level. Item in this store is the increasing performance of your arms or fur of armor. But that's not all, defeated opponents will bestow you special bonuses-nuts, for which all the same store you can buy a special improvement and decorating for your fur. Well as nuts can buy hand animal to mince for you throughout the game levels. Dynamic and full of drive game has co-op mode of the game when you can play the mission will take place in the company's second player, in which case the game will be a new character - a niece of Max, which is also a virtuoso will handle his walking-fighting robot. All the advantages of the game complements almost perfect visual performance, where the rich and colorful picture is steady flashes of explosions and whizzing past the protagonist shells of various sizes and calibers.

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