Generals of war

Alternative names: War generals

Generals Of War - the first world war is considered one of the greatest events that occurred in the twentieth century. Surely at least once in your life you had a desire to find out what was happening on the open spaces of the battlefields in reality. Perhaps you even had some ideas that could change the outcome of the war. The project Generals Of War online will allow you to try yourself in the shoes of a general commander during the First World War. You will be free to do what you want. Will you become a famous commander or get lost somewhere on the pages of history - it depends on you!

Registration in the game

GOW is a browser project, so you don’t have to mess around with downloading and installing additional files. The only thing you need to start the gameplay in Generals Of War registration. In the project, it is simplified to the maximum - the registration form is right on the main page, and it is fully translated into Russian.

  1. In the first line, specify the login.
  2. The following line fill in your email address.
  3. By completion, think up a password.

Games Generals Of War allows you to further simplify registration and enter the project using accounts in social networks:

  • Vkontakte;
  • Facebook;
  • Google +.

A for those who already have a looki account. ru to worry and not have to be able to log into Generals Of War online, simply using previously registered data.

Gaming features

Feeling in guesswork you do not have to - the game will meet you with a friendly training course. As in most projects of this genre, you will have to explore the territory, develop and fight, of course.

Game War Wars prepared for you a lot of interesting tasks, so you will not be bored. Missions are selected in such a way that the gameplay progresses in a balanced way. You can study new tasks on a special panel on the right side of the screen. To begin with, you have to equip your own military base a little. Here in the future you will hire military personnel, and education and training will be held here. Evaluation of a gamer is made by the main parameters. So, it will be necessary to play the game Generals Of War, closely watching such items of income and waste:

  • army;
  • buildings;
  • espionage units;
  • refineries;
  • employees;
  • 10,000 military plants.

In order for your army to fight adequately, you will need to provide it well enough. Your wards not only need to be fed and clothed, you just have to equip units with the best weapons and all the necessary ammunition. To control the situation with the supply monitor the main game resources:

  • neft;
  • petrol;
  • fuel;
  • ammunition.

Do not forget that if necessary, you can cooperate with your neighbors on the game map. From time to time they will have to fight with them - it all depends on your ability to negotiate.

Gaming currency

V Generals Of War can be played without making any investments, but it will be quite difficult to do without virtual currency. The basic monetary units are as follows:

  1. Ordinary money can be earned with the help of factories, factories and houses.
  2. To mine gold, mine.
  3. Expensive diamonds are bought from merchants.

Most resources can be earned by completing tasks. But remember that interrupting the assignment, you can not get a reward in full. In addition to bonuses, you can receive awards and rating points - everything you need to become a great commander.

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