Alternative names: Genesyx

Genesyx online - a free multiplayer role-playing game in the genre of science fiction about a post-apocalyptic world.

Online game Genesyx available for the game on any computer, even in the office, even at home, no need to install additional software download, consumes a large amount of Internet traffic.

Join in the game Genesyx immediately immerses you in the game. During that as you pass Genesyx online registration, you will need to meet with a concise guide to the game to choose the right path of development of your character. Register Genesyx ask you to enter

• name

• floor,

• password

• electronic mailbox address,

• choose one of four professions.

Genesyx online game plunges you into the world after the explosion, the latest nano-bombs. Survivor of humanity is connected to a special system of Genesis, which introduces into the human body nano-machines, to improve and accelerate its response. It was the only way to save humanity. However, the system began to develop itself as a technology and developed it. Humanity did not dare turn off the system, so now, in the 22 century, it lives in a world where there are no laws, where only the fittest rules and special police, messengers system, monitor the implementation of its requirements.

When you start to play the game Genesyx online, you can choose one of four main professions:

• infantryman

• Engineer

• spetsnaz

• pilot.

In addition, your character will have features that will increase depending on your earned experience. These are the parameters of the character:

• force

• Speed,

• counterattack

• accuracy

• power

• survivability

• energy.

Depends on the performance characteristics of the behavior of your character on the battlefield, his strike force and the ability to evade enemy attacks.

In addition, when you play the game online Genesyx, your character will have more skills mastery

• pugilism,

• protection

• Hit

• possession of a weapon.

Expertise will increase with the level of your character. In addition, in combat, you'll be protected by various charms.

Genesyx online game has a special attribute - each character has its own PDA that he can use in battle. Every profession has its own unique list of applications for PDAs.

During the battle, your character can attack, defend, or use the CCP program. Your choice of game provides a wide variety of fighting

• duel

• team fights

• Tournaments

• unique fights.

Each unique battle in the script of the game.

Weapons and ammunition you can buy in the store and grab some unique things from a representative of a peaceful profession, for example, an attacker who can unlock and put on your weapon special technical innovations that increase the force of the defeat of the enemy.

Reached a certain level, you can join one of the many clans, by selecting one whose purpose you most prefer.

When you start playing Genesyx, you understand the features of the game you will help a special mentor - an experienced player who has a special license mentoring. In addition, all your questions will be answered on the forum games.

If you are tired of fighting, you can master one of the many civilian professions that will help you earn money in the game. In addition, you can receive play money for winning battles, participating in various activities, which announces the administration of the game.

For those who can and want to play Genesyx and invest real money in the project, provided a special status, a unique weapon, a variety of bonuses. However, you can successfully play, and without investing real money.

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