Gladius Bellum

Alternative names: Gladius Bellum

Game Gladius Bellum - is a browser online game about the harsh battle.

In Gladius Bellum online Roman emperor Augustus mourned the loss of one of his legions after the battle. Events are developing in Europe in the first century after Christ. You will fight on the side of the Roman Empire or the Germanic tribes.

You will need to build settlements, build your army and defend his kingdom against their enemies.

Play Gladius Bellum You'll not only against the Romans or Germans. From the east comes another danger. Huns invaded the country and want to make sure that inflict fear and devastation. Destroy enemies and secure a place in the sun.

Same as in other computer games in Gladius Bellum registration. To register in the game, you will need to enter the following data:

1. Select from options for the server on which you want to play the game Gladius Bellum.

2. Create your own password to the game and its Do not disclose to anyone.

3. To confirm your password, you must enter it again in the next cell location.

4. Write your e-mail address.

5. Choose day, month and year of your birth.

6. Then click on « Registrieren » .

7. If you agree on what will get information about the game Gladius Bellum and agree to all its terms and clauses, put a mark in the appropriate cells.

In Gladius Bellum you start to play in the ancient world, and will build their own settlement. You will develop your empire from a small village into a complex strategy into a mighty empire. With commodity producers and buildings you will take care of the resources that are necessary for the development of your empire.

In ancient times, you need to master a number of jobs that are available. First, you will have the opportunity to choose the side of the Germanic tribes, or you will always fight for the Roman Empire. Building powerful and impressive empire you add a lot of points and experience.

With the right tactics you fight against enemy settlements. But, of course, include your kingdom becomes a target for all the Huns, all wrapped in a fear and dread.

Protect strategy game, creating Gladius Bellum - his empire. And protect it from enemy attacks.

Embark on a search for the king of the Huns and become the most powerful ruler of strategy games Gladius Bellum Online.

Take the challenge and plunge into the ancient world!

Look at this great world of Germany and strong powerful Roman Empire. Feel that nomadic tribes such as the Huns are not weak people and can trample even the big and powerful states.

Get together with your player in this incredible world that is full of battles, warrior, exciting moments. Let history for you to open a new side when you know the characters of different nations.

Good luck to you in this incredible game. Let nothing you become an obstacle in your way.



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