Alternative names: Goalunited

G oalunited online - international multiplayer game in the genre of football simulator.

Online game goalunited a browser, that is to play it, you do not have to install additional software on your computer. She also does not put forward a complete set of the player's computer specific requirements, you must have:

· Any Internet browser last modification

· Flash Player 10

Join in the game goalunited fast and consists of several steps. First you need to fill a simple form:

· Lead username - under this name will be known in the game, since the game is international, it is best to come up with the name of an English-language, Cyrillic, you will not even be able to enter;

· Choose a password

· Provide an email address,

· To accept the user agreement.

The second step - it's a letter that you get to your registered e-mail account, in the letter you receive further instructions and a link to the game. Register goalunited completed and you can start training your team.

Goalunited popular online game in the world - it is played over two million people. The game has interfaces in 15 languages, so if you decide to play goalunited, you will have the opportunity to fight with football managers in many countries.

In this game you - football manager, and your job is to bring your team to the top of the tournament line. The game has its own special playing time. So, in real life takes place in the year, and in the game - four, respectively, will host four football season and your players will age well for four years.

When you start to play the game goalunited online, you will be given the command. Every football manager is given a special team, so your initial task is to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their team. To do this you will have a training period, during which you will be acquainted with all the subtleties of the game and diligently performing training tasks, you can earn rewards. Carefully read the information on each player, because some of them have special talents that can help you win matches!

Goalunited online game is not like the usual football game where you can only buy players and matches to play endlessly. No, this is a game with strategy elements. You will need:

· Pick up his players

· But also recruit staff, reading his resume, [_3_ ]

· To pick their own training regimen, because the players will be tired to sleep on field and not trained not show all that capable.

Do not forget to create several types of arrangement of players on the field - as a standard, effective against all opponents, and the individual, taking into account the characteristics and abilities of each player.

Also, when you play goalunited, then you will want to look for sponsors for his team, signing a contract with them and fighting with rivals not only on the field for the ball, but for the money and patrons. You also need to develop their own stadium, because what he is, the more fans can attend games. Do not forget also about parking!

Play the game online goalunited you will, consisting in one of the leagues. If you will stay top of the standings, the next season will take you one level up in the league, otherwise - Departure for a lower division. You also will have the opportunity to participate in the League Cup draw.

The game has two modes of play - free and premium. In the premium mode, you have much more flexibility as to develop their team and get all the statistics.

G oalunited online registration will provide you with a unique opportunity to show the world their abilities football manager.

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