GoD Factory: Wingmen

Alternative names: GoD Factory: Wingmen

Game GoD Factory: Wingmen - a classic simulator multiplayer space subjects with strategic bias, which implements the MOBA genre. In this action game users are encouraged to become a party to exciting battles 4x4. You will be given complete freedom while creating spacecraft. As a result, you can control the edifice of your dreams! And this is not all the joy that is able to give this team gunman. GoD Factory game has a decent enough graphics. And if you still take advantage of 3D-glasses Oculus, so you and all will be seem that everything that happens - is real! Your task - to destroy the enemy ship before he will do it with yours. Superiority in this case means victory. Find vulnerabilities opponent will be easier if you become to act harmoniously with the team. Choose for yourself a suitable role, create a ship that would match - and more!

To be able to enjoy the gameplay, you need GoD Factory : Wingmen download. System requirements are so forgiving that it can make almost anyone. The main thing - the Internet, and one of such platforms as PC, Mac, Linux. Installing the game takes very little time and soon you will dive into the fantastic atmosphere bubbling events.

So you expect fights and dizzying victory. But still have to start with the hangar. Because here you create and improve your own ship. During gameplay you always have to come back here to keep the ship in the corresponding state. You choose and cockpit, and body, and shield generators, and wings, and special devices abilities, and weapons and power wires and motors and much more. Ships will improve due to the points earned. And points are awarded for participation in battles. Everything you see is interconnected. The more matches - then the greater your chances.

One match takes on average 12 - 16 minutes. During this time, it becomes clear outcome of the battle, and if you're lucky, you will be able to celebrate with the team victory. Recklessly attacking enemy ships, do not forget that they, too, will not sit idly by. You should take care about protecting your ship. After all the enemies are just waiting that your slip. Take plenty of ammunition, choose a course of conduct - and in any case do not let you easily defeat enemies!

GoD Factory : Wingmen demo version allows you to use different elements that belong to each of its categories (eg, perforation, distortion, ignition, overload, detonation). Here are some of the available items: bullets, shrapnel, gravity, wormholes, deformation, high blood pressure, electricity, electronic countermeasures, shields, lasers, explosive ordnance, rockets. In addition, the game implements economic system and progression system. And the inhabitants of the extraordinary similarity of the universe do not differ. Those who will play GoD Factory : Wingmen , meet different kinds of living beings. Guantris, Ar Blossoms, Humans, Chorions - this is not a complete list of classes. Such variety makes the game very interesting. You literally addictive gameplay, and you will return again and again to the initiated.


All these benefits and many other games fun chips - is the result of effort compassionate developers who care about making your leisure time was not boring. Join now to go through a lot of exciting adventures and forget about the problem of choice of occupation in their spare time. We can only wish that all your hopes come true!

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