Gods and glory

Alternative names: Gods and Glory

Gods and Glory - strategy in the world of gods and magic

Gods and Glory game on PC will take you in space and time to a world where you can only survive by fighting. Take control of the whole castle and make it a stronghold of strength and power. Real-time strategy from the Wargaming game studio with elements of tactics and economics. Fight with your friends for the Sky Citadel and show everyone who is the true emperor of all lands here.

Game of the game and general tips

Gods and Glory you will play as a manager, general and scientist. That is, you will need to develop your city, fight with the troops and learn new technologies. Also at your disposal will be generals, in other words, heroes at the head of your armies. Skillful management and planning the steps ahead will allow you to beat your rivals, because you are in one of the kingdoms on the global map. Your castle is a small drop in the ocean from other players and their castles, so be sure to make friends and allies. This is best done as part of the alliance, gaining new and new players along with it, developing for further battles. After all, it has long been known that one in the field is not a warrior.

Construction in the castle - the functionality is implemented, as in many other games of a similar genre. You have a small territory where you build resource, military, scientific buildings. For example:

  • barracks - 2 pieces are possible to build allows you to recruit troops;
  • military headquarters - increases the capacity of the armies of the hero and generals;
  • University - Improvements for the city and battle are being investigated;
  • smithy - here you can create, improve, enchant, synthesize equipment for the hero and generals;
  • workshop - allows you to create traps and fortifications for the wall;
  • tavern - you can hire generals - powerful leaders of your armies;
  • sawmill, apartment building, farm, star mill, quarry - resource buildings, constantly engaged in the production of resources, raising the level increases production.

There are only four types of resources in the game - wood, gold, stone and stardust. Each of them has a different purpose and is used in different fields. There is also a fifth type - a diamond. You can get for completing tasks, prizes in tournaments, or purchase for real money. It allows you to speed up the construction, hiring and research, for it you can buy unique generals, as well as rare equipment for them.

Battle mechanics

Fights take place in automatic mode, you can only choose the general and types of troops who will fight. In total, up to five different units enter into battle, one of which is a hero or a general. The total number of troops that can fight depends on the capacity of the detachment of your general. In Gods and Glory you will not meet millions of troops, for example, at the seventh level of the military headquarters you can lead only 48 soldiers into battle, that is, these are 12 soldiers in one squad. The hiring of troops is also carried out pretty quickly, since in this case you will not lose more than 48 soldiers in one battle.

troops are located on two lines: 10,0003

  • front - for melee soldiers, they are a defensive line, have a high indicator of life;
  • back - for ranged soldiers, magicians, healers, they deal the main damage to the enemy, have a low defense and life, but high damage.

If your hero or general is a sorcerer, then he will accordingly be on the back line, but if the warrior is on the front.

You can download Gods and Glory to your computer using the Bluestacks Android emulator. Since the game was created for mobile devices, so to launch it on a PC, download and install the emulator first, and only then install the game inside it and enjoy the gameplay.

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