Gods and Heroes

Alternative names: Gods and Heroes

Gods and Heroes Online - a free browser-based multiplayer online game, which can distinguish among similar products in the market of online games operating in our time. Believe me, to see every game elves and dwarves usual players already pall, Give them something new and more interesting, and modern games rarely make us happy in the setting of new products. Online game Gods and Heroes is a pleasant exception in the form of a rather interesting setteinga, which is a rarity among similar toys. But to be honest, mythology as alternative universes for games took very low start and a lot of products with antique setting is pretty good now unwind and gaining momentum. Pretty good alternative fantasy, agree. ;)

Join in the game Gods and Heroes is very simple and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do - to enter the login email address and password to access your account. In principle, all the same you can do in the official client, just download it from the site of the game. In principle, this registration Gods and Heroes is over and it's time to look at how the nature of our igrulina.

Gods and Heroes online game developed at the conscience and the more you play it, the more convinced that its developers have nothing to blush. And it's just that its budget is a fraction of the budget of its fellow Igroprom. Picture from the gameplay looks very nice and decent. Although some gamers and the impression that the game Gods and Heroes Online is a very serious fiscal copy paid games, but even if we assume that to some extent this is true, then a copy of this looks very dignified. So, we have the opportunity to choose one of five character types, which differ in characteristics and skills. In the menu there is another type, but to play Gods and Heroes for him, unfortunately, we can not. Every hero has a pair of gods patrons who will relentlessly follow him during his games and to render all possible assistance. Actually, anyone of these two deities worshiped - depends on you. Selecting this, incidentally, is one of the most important in the game, because the matter which god you pray, and the appointment of independent element of your minions to help you in battle. About them, in fact, turns all the main storyline of the game. Scout, for example, may call or bronze statues of nymphs. You should not rely on the fact that these assistants will take you from the very first minutes of the game. They still need to earn money, but in order to do that, you have pretty podnapryachsya.

Editor of the characters, meeting us at the very beginning of the game, pleasantly pleased workmanship. It's basically logical, since most ancient myths of heroes - those still handsome. Worth remembering Apollo, Hercules, Achilles and other mythological characters.

Game mechanics have not fundamentally different from similar games. You perform quests, istriblyaete different monsters kolektsioniruete trophies and stripping one game locations, go to administer justice and to do good to another. Unpleasant pleases no auction in the game, so gamers concentrating on craft will feel a little uncomfortable. But despite this, the Gods and Heroes to play fun and thanks for this it is necessary to developers with their conceptual vision of gameplay. Lack auction compensated with the above-described martial assistants who significantly ease your life in a variety of complex situations that arise from time to time in the game. Actually, you can get a helper, hired him for a fee, depending on its function in the game. Accessibility to employment of various minions determined by what job you have performed or what the level of your game character.

From your level and complexity of gaming location also depends on the quantity of your prespeshnikov, which means that if your friends and you have a fairly high level, then you are no longer just a group, as a whole army. :) Play online game Gods and Heroes of becoming much more interesting and enjoyable.

In summary, it is worth noting that the game pleasantly pleases us even with an eye to the deficiencies that exist in it. Play the game Gods and Heroes online you will love, you only need to decide whether you are ready to become a real conqueror of a vast and exciting online world. Sign up and prove that you are worthy to even the gods know about your exploits!

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