Alternative names: Godsrule


Game Godsrule - it's a fantasy world of computer games.

Godsrule online social gameplay mixes with batteries installed RTS, to create a unique cross-platform experience.

Play the game online you will Godsrule players who are responsible for their fierce fighting army, as well as the management of their empire.

Play Godsrule You will analyze the actions of competitors. You need to make sure that you have dominated the disputed territories, as well as need to collect various resources to expand their land and kill their enemies with powerful spells and great units.

After choosing between two rival factions, you have to create your own clans and fight over disputed territories, each of which contains valuable rewards and a true taste of sweet victory.

When you're in Godsrule play, you will be allowed to experience the same persistent world with a browser and Ipad. This feature allows you to team up with your friends in combat and manage their empire from anywhere at any time.

In Godsrule registration does not give you a lot of trouble and grief actually no different from the registrations in other computer games.

To register you will need:

1. Go to the website Godsrule games online.

2. Click on the link to the main page « Redeem » .

3. Press the « Register » .

4. You will have the opportunity to choose one of the two registration options: through the game by Sega and Facebook.

5. In this case, registration was selected through the game Sega.

6. Write your email address.

7. Enter the password using the Latin alphabet.

8. Repeat the code of your password in the form below.

9. Write your name.

10. Enter the day, month and year of birth.

11. Press the « Register » .

Clicking on this button you confirm that you have read the rules and rights of this site and that you agree with them.

For each unit in the game Godsrule provided the following attributes:

1. Health (HP). This attribute, which shows how the unit is damaged and how much health he left before he dies.

2. Damage (DMG). This attribute, which shows how an object can hurt.

3. Speed ​​(SPD) This is how fast it is moving.

4. The rate of capture (CAP). This attribute, which shows how the character is good at capturing.

5. Range (RNG). This is the range of the unit to attack.

6. Population (POP). This is how much space the unit on the battlefield, in the ship, and in homes.

7. Special Ability (SPA). Each unit has special abilities, as described on the map offered players.

Areas where you will fight are listed below:

1. Travel Far. This place is a large area.

2. Participate in the War. War rages on all territories. Help your faction to take control of the territory.

3. Earn Territory Rewards. The winning faction of each round receives award territory. Top clans faction get even better reward.

Godsrule - is a game that will bring you pleasure of time spent at the computer and show that there are enough games interesting and worth your attention.



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