Golden Farm

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Golden Farm is one of the best farms you can play on mobile devices running Android. 3D graphics are detailed and colorful in a cartoon style. The quality of the image depends, among other things, on the performance of the device; this will give the opportunity to play with simplified graphics for people who do not own a flagship model of a smartphone or tablet. The voice acting is realistic, the animals and the world around them sound believable. The music is fun, but if playing for a long time can get tiring, in this case you can turn it off in the settings.

Golden Farm is an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a quiet provincial village and start farming there. In this pleasant place no one will rush you, play at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Before you start, go through a short training to understand the game mechanics and interface. Immediately after this, you need to come up with a name for your farm; if desired, you can change it later.

There's a lot to do next in Golden Farm on Android:

  • Clear the area for construction and crops
  • Build new buildings and upgrade existing buildings
  • Sow the fields and don’t forget to harvest
  • Get animals and birds, feed and care for them
  • Buy the adjacent plots and expand the farm territory
  • Meet the residents of the neighboring village and fulfill their orders
  • Fishing in your local pond
  • Meet other farming players, communicate and help each other

This is a small list of the main tasks that you will encounter in Golden Farm.

At the beginning of the game, resources are quite limited therefore it is worth considering your choice and building only what will give the greatest profit; decorations should be postponed until the time when your enterprise begins to generate a stable income. The barn and tower for storing food and building materials play a very important role. At every opportunity, try to improve these buildings since there will always be little space.

In addition to fulfilling orders from local residents, you can earn money by trading with other players. This brings good income, but you need to monitor the market and produce more products that are in demand.

Build a cinema, cafe, souvenir shop and other buildings in the village, this will please the residents and bring you additional income.

There is a built-in chat, thanks to which you can find friends among other players and create an association.

Themed entertainment with interesting prizes awaits you during the holidays.

Login the game every day and get a reward for it.

The in-game store regularly updates its assortment, where you can buy many useful items for in-game currency or real money.

You can play Golden Farm only if you have an Internet connection.

Golden Farm can be downloaded for free on Android using the link on this page.

Start playing now to enjoy farming in beautiful surroundings!

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