GoloWar online - online game GoloVar

Alternative names: Golowar, Golovar, Var Golo, Golo war, golovar, galavar

The company Gameforge developers did their best: colorful design, fun game mechanics, unusual and funny characters - everything here configures the player in a positive way and gives you a break from the heavy subjects of most online toys.

To begin playing the game Golowar online, go to its official website and create your account.

But first, perhaps we will mention some of the system requirements for your computer.

So, online game Golowar run without problems on your PC if it

  • Operating system - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista x32/Seven
  • CPU Intel Pentium III 800MHz (can be better)
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • Card 64 Mb

Register Golowar game begins with the fact that it is necessary to choose a faction confrontation

  • Tarragon
  • Inakhi

Tarragon - representatives of the forces of light, their power sources and the Sun itself Planet, lovely and gentle creatures who meanwhile capable of feats of daring. Inakhi - smart and crafty bad guys, representatives of the dark forces. Their main ally - the night haze, it feeds it gives them strength and energy

Any apparent benefits from one faction to the other does not, here you rather choose with whom you will be prettier to play the game online Golowar. Incidentally, in each fraction have a three race (6 characters) with its basic characteristics.

Defined the choice further registration Golowar require you

  1. Come up with an original name for the game (player name)
  2. To enter a password and confirm it
  3. Specify a real email address

Next, enter verification code and agree with the rules established by the developers. Against this Golowar online registration will be complete.

It should be noted immediately that the game Golowar online, one of the few where the implemented change of night and day. At the appropriate time of day the hero of this or that faction will have more features and benefits. Besides changing the time of day in the game are changing and the weather conditions that may also be in your favor.

If we talk about the locations and areas, Golowar online game in which there are three cards:

  • District number 12
  • Zone number 51
  • Chernobyr (not to be confused with the ill-known NPP)

The first card is for PvP battles (player vs. player), both scale and smaller.

The second map offers various characters mobs (artificial intelligence), which will compete with the power and resources to capitalize on them.

And the third card - this is a special place for group battles where the characters are on the level and success.

To be successful, practice and improve their characteristics, such as:

  • Power - the damage done by the enemy
  • Protection - defines the boundary by damage, which can lock your character
  • Agility - shows your chance to dodge the blow
  • Vitality - affect the value of health points and determines the speed of his recovery
  • Expertise - allows a number of times in a row to attack the enemy

Well, probably most important, so play the game online Golowar so easily and naturally - is the complete freedom of action. There are no quests, as such, can play Golowar, as it pleases, and that "nothing will happen."

Wanna Suck your character, or take part in the battles in the arena with the enemies of his weight class.

Or extractive resources, which in game three kinds:

  • Crystals
  • Diamond mushrooms
  • G Point - money

In short, live with ease, in a manner that is closer to your liking "golovarchiku." After all, in Golowar play, actually come to relax and enjoy the pleasant, funny and not overweight gameplay.

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