Goodgame Empire

Alternative names: Goodgame Empire

Game online Goodgame Empire, a beautiful social, browser strategy, allowing the player to build their ideal castle in the middle of his same city, create an army to protect it and conquer new lands. Variety of characters brings to the game easy humor, so bored it is not necessary. No special system requirements for the game goodgame empire No, the main thing that was the Internet and browser. Up in the game Goodgame Empire easier login to the game Goodgame Empire.

Enter a plate in the middle of the screen:

  • Name
  • Mail
  • Password

Choose country-in the game, you can choose from thirty-two countries.

Select Server - each country has its own server. When choosing Russia, are three servers:

  • Russia: 1
  • International: 1
  • International: 2

Goodgame Empire To complete registration, you need to press the big red button "Go!"

First came into the game Goodgame Empire , the player receives a small settlement, which he developed in the course of the game, building his fortress, huts and production Housing.

The first few levels, the game Goodgame Empire, gives his assistants for information, training and assistance in understanding the elements of the game.

Play Goodgame Empire and perform a variety of quests, get a reward for them, or find treasures in the most unexpected places, extremely uplifting. After reaching the fifth level, becoming an independent knight, the player gets access to alliances. Alliances are diplomatic association of the owners of different locks, mutual military and economic matters, thereby increasing their overall strength.

Join one of the alliances necessary to determine the most suitable on four criteria:

  • Distance between you
  • Quantity already present participants
  • Honor Points already achieved alliance
  • Level achieved alliance

When creating a new alliance, you need to give it a name, description and pay basis.

It provides the player with five subspecies of the soldiers, who can be hired, of two types: melee soldiers and arrows.

  • Warlord
  • Soldier with mace
  • Swordsman
  • Halberdier
  • Greatsword
  • Archer
  • Marksman
  • Soldier with a bow
  • English archer
  • Heavy Crossbowman

Siege and defensive weapons, which can be constructed:

  • Assault ladder
  • Siege Tower
  • Wooden ram
  • Iron ram
  • Wooden shield
  • Stones for dropping
  • Boiler with molten resin
  • Strengthening the castle gate
  • Protective mat
  • Firebolt

At the Royal market can hire additional characters that are favorable to the prosperity of the empire

  • Merchant
  • Architect
  • Marauder
  • Taskmaster
  • Taxman
  • Drillmasters
  • Hunter
  • Medic

It is possible to Goodgame Empire to play, not only fighting, but also decorating. In the build menu, you can find decorative objects, which also contribute to the development of the kingdom, improving public order and production resources.

Play game Goodgame Empire online, well by the fact that we can always communicate with any other player by means of letters, receiving letters system from spyware and from his comrades, right in the game.

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