Goodgame Gangster

Alternative names: Goodgame Gangster

Goodgame Gangster online - free browser-based multiplayer strategy social game. This exciting action from the company Goodgame Studios with deeply thought-out plot, high-quality graphics, a large selection of game action and a whole bunch of various little things that help to effectively lead an unforgettable fights. Starting to play Goodgame Gangster simple ordinary soldier, you will become improve their rank until until they themselves do not become the same godfather, who will lead your destiny first. But if the time giving orders has not yet come, have a good sweat to faithfully perform all the tasks assigned to you the leader. And let the life of mafia dangerous adventure filled with bubbling, at the same time it is interesting, with a taste of true happiness and freedom of action. Those who bothered to follow the rules of real life and who craves permissiveness game Goodgame Ganster certainly have to taste, because restless criminals doing what they want here. You will trade on the black market, cause a duel other players to take part in the grand gang wars, earning gold and spend it with pleasure to purchase items from a huge deadly arsenal. Come on! Goodgame Gangster check waiting for you and ready to open a stunning criminal world in all its glory!

Do not worry about that you can not play Goodgame Gangster from your computer. Even if your PC does not have high settings, you still can safely proceed to the gameplay, because the system requirements for the game more than modest. Internet Plus does - and that you have already run around the streets of the game with a gun in his hand! And as to create a new account, it does not take much time. I check in the game Goodgame Gangster two stages. First you need to create a character that is to choose its appearance, gender, name and class. After proceed to fill such fields as e-mail address, password, and choose the desired game world. At the end of registration with the rules of consent by ticking and can move out of their evil deeds.

Players united in family, which is headed by godfathers. Once you enter into the clan, you become a soldier. Over time, can earn upwards. The next stages of your career will rank Capo. Capo available for such action: launching attacks, registration attack / defense, sacrifice - gold bullion. Then you can earn from the godfather to improve consigliere. This title without taking the opportunities that were before you, adds the following responsibilities: to expel Capo and Soldier lowering Capo raise Soldatov, inviting players to deal with buying bonuses (Cash / Exp). How will you seek rise in the hierarchy - your business, the main thing - the result!

Play game Goodgame Gangster You will be using a variety of subjects. Of these types of weapons available: body armor, various sights (tactical telescopic, infrared and laser telescopic sights), smoke, stun grenades, dynamite TnT, throwing knife, riot police shield and more. To help the soldiers and provided a medical kit, which includes bandages, pills, and other goodness. There are some useful things like camouflage cloak, camouflage, and other pulse sensor. In addition to borrowing the character must use their own forces food, namely, coffee, juice, carrots, noodles, chocolate bars. Such diversity makes gameplay rich and attractive.

But for success in battle is not enough to stock up on all the mentioned subjects. Since the characters have certain characteristics, then to increase the chances of winning, these parameters should be pumped. First, we should pay attention to three key characteristics - good luck, perseverance and fighting characteristics. End for each class is special: for Gopnik - a force for cheater - agility and tactics for - intelligence.

By the way, the classes themselves have differences among themselves. Since Goodgame Gangster game provides at the start to make a choice between the three available classes, you should know who is who. So thieves are very insidious and often like to strike back, though they do not think much about how their actions are honest. In addition, they are perfectly able to avoid enemy hits. Tactics, unlike robbers attack reflect poorly, but so are able to calculate their own attack that opponents get the maximum number of strokes. But thugs are distinguished by their tenacity in battle. Their endurance envy each. Even the most grueling fight them or on anything. You can choose someone who, in your opinion, the most appropriate and seeks vyborot championship in this harsh world! Why do not you become an influential godfather?

Believe in your strength - and all true! Do not miss this opportunity to show off! Good luck!

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