Gothic 1

Alternative names: Gothic 1

Gothic 1 game, which was published in 2001 and has established itself as a computer role-playing game with an unusual control. Russian version of the game was released in 2002.

Gothic 1 game download from the official website of the game. Download Gothic 1 may only grown users, but for this you first need to send a request.

You have a unique opportunity to watch an introductory video Gothic 1. There you are sure to find something useful.

As previously mentioned, the game has a Gothic one big difference in management. For any act you will need to heal a few keys.

Game 1 Gothic sufficient numbers of subjects and types of weapons. Basically you will enjoy the following items:

  • Armor;
  • Magical runes and scrolls;
  • Amulets and rings;
  • Weapon (and Rockets)
  • Books and documents;
  • Food;
  • Elixirs;
  • Other things.

Every object in the game there is a cost if you want to sell some of their items, then it can make for an amount that is twice lower primary. Except in this case is expendable weapons.

In the game there are traders who can buy you some groups of goods at full cost. Absolutely can not be all things to break.

In the trade regime has several functions other than buying: it is a regular exchange (eg, magical ore) and barter. Interface of exchange rather unusual, but it's also very interesting.

Here you can and to practice magic. She game Need for Speed ​​1 is represented as:

  1. Runes - universal spell that operate continuously.
  2. Disposable consumables spell scrolls.

For some scrolls and runes you do not need to have knowledge of magic, but there are other things that you can not use if you do not know the basic fundamentals of magic.

In the game, there are only six laps study magic, but the sixth circle is secret and forbidden. There you can explore the dangerous deadly magic. Yet access to it, you can open.

Gothic features in the game include:

  1. Two-handed weapon proficiency.
  2. Two-handed weapon proficiency.
  3. Possession of bow and crossbow.
  4. Improving knowledge for two skill levels to break the lock.
  5. Improving hunting skills in butchering animals killed. Involves six skills.
  6. Sneaking skills.
  7. Pickpocketing.
  8. Passage of the six circles of magic.
  9. Acrobatics.

In one unique game Gothic armor (protection against weapons of arrows, fire) have several types:

  • Light armor for Novice (30, 0, 15).
  • Armor for the Guardian (55, 10, 25).
  • Heavy armor for Guardian (70, 10, 35).
  • Heavy Armor for Baron (80, 8, 40).
  • Light armor for Guardian (45, 5, 20).
  • Armor for the Guardian (55, 10, 25).
  • Ghost Armor for (40, 5, 20)
  • Light armor for the Guardian (45, 5, 20).
  • Armor Royal Guards (50, 5, 25).
  • Armor Gomez (85, 9, 45).
  • Armor Novice (40, 5, 20).
  • Heavy armor Guardian (70, 10, 35), etc.

Game 1 Gothic eventful. Do not miss your chance to try to play it!

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