Gothic 2

Alternative names: Gothic 2

Game Gothic 2 is a three-dimensional computer game, in which the actions take place in the third person. This game is a continuation of the first part of the Gothic.

Download Gothic 2 from the official website of the game or pre-order the game disc. Also download game Gothic 2 can be on any other site that provides this access.


Events in the game Gothic 2 develop several weeks after the action occurred in the first part of the Gothic.

In the computer game Gothic 2 Your character can choose one of the directions

1) Paladins - have melee weapons and runes (destruction or restoration). Order is mainly Palladino Lord Hagen. Paladins are located in Horinise.

2) Fire Mages - are residents of the monastery Innocent. Archmage is Pirokar circle of fire.

3) Mercenaries - can be used as a melee weapon and far. For them to learn magic is worth much more than paladins or mages. They are located on a farm Onar. Lee - this mercenary captain. Then he becomes a hunter dragons.

All these classes throughout the game will be divided into subclasses. Division will come from the development of skills and abilities of the character.


In exciting game Gothic 2 weapons divided into:

1) Melee Weapon - Two-Handed and One-Handed it (knives, swords, axes).

2) Ranged Weapon - is the bow, crossbow.


Gothic 2 game, which is divided into chapters. The game has only six chapters, each of which occur their actions and new heroes

1. Threat - this is the first chapter, which finds its first mission. This chapter does not occur serious events. Chapter consists of research, meetings with friends, improve skills and development experience. The main objective of this chapter is not to lose all their skills.

2. Return to the colony - the second chapter, which you'll need a good preparation and a lot of patience. In this chapter, you do not actually meet friendly characters, most of all in the way you will encounter enemies from whom you will have to flee or defend.

3. Innocent Eyes - this is the third chapter, which will be a huge number of intricate quests. Battles in this chapter will not actually happen.

4. Hunting Dragons - this is the fourth chapter, which is full of battles. Throughout this chapter, you will need to constantly engage in battle with the enemies, dragons.

5. Departure - the fifth chapter, which a lot of time you will need to spend on an investigation, conversations and unraveling intrigue.

6. Halls Irdorata - this is the last, the sixth chapter, in which you have to face the most powerful enemies, but because of their experience and skills, you handle them.


And so, if you are intrigued by the description, download game Gothics 2 you can on any site that provides this access.

Develop the skills of your character, gain experience and defeat enemies. Prove to everyone that you are able to defeat all the villains and achieve goals.

Game Gothic 2 Night of the Raven will not leave indifferent any player!

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