Governor Of Poker 2

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Governor Of Poker 2 is a card game that can be played offline, which is not so common these days. In the game you will find colorful cartoon graphics designed in the style of the wild west. Audio design is also on top, corresponds to the atmosphere, well-voiced replicas of the players. The opponents at the table are very funny. When you look at the table from above, you will only see the hats of those present, because the action takes place in Texas, where even horses wear hats. These hats sometimes have a rather comical appearance.

Before playing Governor Of Poker 2, indicate your age and think of a name for the main character.

For the duration of the game, you have to be a charismatic cowboy in a huge hat, from under which a solid mustache sticks out. His dream is to become the king of poker in all of Texas. It won't be easy. You need to defeat 80 poker experts in 27 saloons while traveling around the state. Each saloon has its own unique design, made in the spirit of those times.

In the game you will be

Play poker with various opponents

Buy buildings and factories

Travel the cities of the wild west visiting the saloons located in them

Avoid Punishment from Sheriff Who Hates Anything Gambling

Now a little more about everything.

The game has a story that is not often seen in card games.

Having learned the basics of poker, you need to take care of acquiring a reputation. Beat all the players you meet in every city, some of them will prove to be tough nuts. Invest the money earned in this way in the purchase of urban real estate. All buildings that you take possession of will bring a small profit. Help the main character buy everything to become the main mover in Texas.

The condition for moving to a new city is defeating local players and buying all the houses in the area. If the conditions are not met, the driver will refuse to fulfill his duties and will not take you anywhere.

Be careful not to get caught by the treacherous sheriff. He persecutes and severely punishes all gamblers in the territory entrusted to him.

Despite the funny graphics, the developers took the game process seriously. The rules of poker are respected and the terms used are correct.

Rivals are not lifeless dolls and are not devoid of emotions. At critical moments they may sweat profusely or otherwise show excitement. Try to notice such behavior, it will help to win. Opponents not only differ in appearance, each of them has their own style of play, which makes the competition more interesting.

The game is not full of realism, you can easily lose, after winning back, and so more than once. It's just like a real poker game.

Governor Of Poker 2 download for free on Android you can right here by clicking on the link.

If you want to have a good time and learn the basics of poker, this game is what you need! Play anywhere, because the Internet is not required for this. Don't waste time, start playing right now!

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