Governor of Poker 3

Alternative names: Governor of Poker 3

Game of Governor Of Poker 3 descendant of Texas Hold'em

U poker card gambling, a long and fascinating story. But now our attention has gone to a certain kind of it, which at the beginning was simply called Hold'em. When in 1967 several players came to Las Vegas and brought with them a completely new card game at that time, they quickly liked the regular casino. For several years, Golden Nugget Casino was the only one that invited visitors to join the mystery of Texas Hold'em. He got this name because the players who introduced him to Vegas came from the US state of Texas. And half a century later, the game Governor Of Poker 3 appeared.

Advanced technology allows you to give long-standing hobbies gloss, diluting strict and serious rules with a touch of adventure. If before many went to the casino to get a portion of pleasure, today it can be done without leaving home. In Governor Of Poker 3 everyone can play, even a child, quickly understanding the simple rules.

Rules Real and Virtual

As for the gameplay itself, it follows the same laws as in life. At the same time it is seasoned with "ruffles" with additional features, but more on that later. Now let's see what Texas Hold'em is all about.

There are three types: non-limiting, half-limiting and limiting. The participants at the table are waiting for the card dealer, but for now they are depositing money into the bank. The one who deals the cards, gives out two closed cards, and waits for the bargain to end between the players. Next, three open ones lie on the table, and again bargain, and then two more circles on one open card with a break for bidding. Gamblers, having two cards face up and 5 cards open, must make a winning combination. In addition, starting to play the game Governor Of Poker 3, you will find many more exciting events.

What the virtual world is preparing for us

When the Governor Of Poker 3 registration took place, well, you know the name, password, mailing address ... , you can begin to develop territories.

MiniClip, the company has created for you the Texas village of San Saba. Once in it, you will meet other players who like to hang out here. With them you can sit in the bar, take a walk around the surroundings, tackle simple puzzles or buy a few items that are useful for further passage. Moving along the map, complete tasks at current levels. It resembles a game with dice that are rolled in order to take the appropriate number of steps.

Since players from all over the world come here, the company here is always international, however, Russian-speaking management is not provided. But this does not play a role, because in the chat you can communicate in your usual language, and the menu is easy to get used to. Features of iPlayer Governor Of Poker 3:

  • A toy is available not only on a computer, but also on a tablet and mobile phone;
  • 6 types of poker presented;
  • You can log in via Facebook and other social networks;
  • Choose your opponents for the game;
  • Win trophies;
  • Communicate with other players.

The goal of fun is to earn a lot of money at the card table and make an offer to your sweetheart. You also have to explore the vast territory and fight with the governor of Texas. The main storyline remains poker itself, but there is something to do besides it. You will practically not have to configure anything additionally, just log in, create a character and play. It is available for free, and this is another significant plus to the other advantages.

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