Alternative names: Goviadina

Looking today with a very interesting and unusual game, where everyone will be able to stand out from the herd - online game Beef heifers and steers rivalry. This browser-based game where you can go on dates to develop their skills pickup.

Before you rush into battle, to determine what we need to calm the game, and we need a little - a computer with Internet access and a browser with updates installed and a little time. Above all, we need to register.

Online Game Beef supports registration with the help of many social networks. Join in the game Beef should not take you more than a lot of time. You can choose the gender of your character, then must enter a minimum registration data
- not her real name - login
- create a password

Говядинаонлайнрегистрацияпозволяет igrucherez you go to one of the networks such as YouTube, FaceBook, Facebook, My World. The game is developed and a complete list of social networks you can see on her official website.

And immediately after you turn up in this world full of love and erotic adventure. Registration on this beef is almost done, now you should get acquainted with the game itself.

Does Beef play without training? - Yes, but still worth reading, is responsible for what one or another characteristic.
Excitation main characteristic. The more excitement in your character, the higher your shansypobedit and put on the blades, or rather leave exhausted. When you run out of excitement, you lose.
Resistance - resists partner satisfaction and helps you keep your excitation, while his opponent will spend.

Satisfaction analog power - shows how much excitement you can repel the opponent.
Grace of allowing you to dodge enemy and without harm to his excitement to spend their attack. Accuracy will not allow even the most dexterous and nimble residents Govyadinska elude you.

Buynost gives you the opportunity to plant, spend double satisfaction! It allows you to make a critical appreciation and will defeat the enemy Excitation.
Coolness will help you not to get double satisfaction for a single attack. Govyadinaonlaynispolzuet game currency - milk, pearls, gold with the help of them you can buy anything from elixir increases your strength to the new clothes in a trendy boutique that just melt composure steers and heifers all around.

Beef online game has a lot of strange places where the fun, such as home visits, where the most interesting and complex unpredictable Dating, boutique where you can buy VIP things that have the most virtuoso player of the field where you can relax, Rejuvenate nibble grass.
Also, all recorded in the statistics of visits, your success. You can join in the herd - where you will seduce heifers, bulls and win with the help of your sister.

Each player participates in solo rating photos daily winners are published on the home page. Play onlaynigru Beef and easy. You can break off from slozhnoyzadachi raboteiliotdohnut at home. In order to chtobyigrat Beef you will need to study hundreds of pages of instructions, and the plot is simple and entertaining.

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