Grow: Song Of The Evertree

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Grow Song Of The Evertree is an extremely high quality farm that you can play on PC. The game has very beautiful 3d graphics in a cartoon style. The world sounds extremely realistic, each character is voiced, and the music creates an indescribable atmosphere of peace.

This game is not just a farm, it combines many genres and has an interesting plot, but first things first.

After completing the tutorial, you will have to restore the disappeared flowers of Alaria. According to legend, once the flowers of this majestic tree united many worlds. This allowed everyone to travel on them.

In modern times, the tree has changed and no longer impresses with its splendor.

A lot of work awaits you as the last alchemist:

  • Explore the surrounding area for anything that can help you
  • Understand what the sprout wants and use your skills to create what you need
  • Create viable seeds and grow them
  • Carefully inspect the surroundings to discover hidden locations
  • Design your home as you like and decorate the world around
  • Learn to fish and find a nook that always bites

Grow Song Of The Evertree will appeal to both adults and children. The game is fascinating, there is no cruelty in it and all the characters are very cute.

During the game you have to travel a lot, exploring more and more distant territories. Landscapes in the game fascinate with beauty, each of them looks like a fantastic picture. While admiring nature and architecture, do not forget to look around for hidden locations. It can be dungeons, groves and other interesting places where you will definitely be lucky enough to find a large number of valuable items.

Music by Kevin Penkin, many of the songs you may want to add to your library.

You will have the opportunity to play many built-in mini-games. This will distract from the main activity and have fun.

You decide what to do:

  1. Go fishing
  2. Hunt Butterflies
  3. Create flowerbeds and decide which flowers you want to grow in them
  4. Solve riddles

The easiest way to get new types of plants is to combine various elements with the help of alchemy. This way you can get anything. But the result will not necessarily be as you planned.

Meet the inhabitants of the magical world, some of them may need your help. Fulfill their requests and help them. For good deeds, the game will generously thank you.

Create a cozy home for the main character of the game and decorate it. You also have to take care of the wardrobe.

Grow Song Of The Evertree download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy the game on the Steam platform or on the official website. If you want to save some money, check if the game is on sale right now and you can get it for almost nothing.

A beautiful fairy-tale world with many new friends is waiting for you, install the game right now!

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