Guns of Icarus Online

Alternative names: Guns of Icarus Online

Game Guns of Icarus Online is a paid computer game that was created in the style of action and is gaining popularity among many users. This game - a team simulator.

In Guns of Icarus Online registration is available after the purchase of one of the game packages. Also, the game Guns of Icarus Online Free provides the opportunity to register on the forum. To do this, you must do the following:

1) Find the site of the game Guns of Icarus Online.

2) On the main menu bar, you have to hover over the «Commutity». And then click on «Forum».

3) Then click on «Register».

Access to register on a forum you will also be provided after you buy the game package.


Play online game Guns of Icarus are registered users who have the computing power not less than that recommended game developers

Windows XP (Vista / 7) - platform (OS).

128 MB - Video Card (video card).

2 GHz CPU (processor).

512 MB RAM (random access memory). For Vista / 7 requires at least 1 GB.


The game Guns of Icarus Online play you will be one of the four crew members of the ship, that is, you will not have to control a flying device.

In Guns of Icarus Online you have the opportunity to play like a first-person and third. All this can be configured using a special switch.

Game Guns of Icarus Online Free provides you the opportunity to play one of three classes:

1) Pilot - he is as a strategist and commander. He is obliged to rally the crew that he was as one.

2) The shooter - he has only one job and that is to destroy the enemies with the ship. He developed reflexes and the shooter must not doubt for a minute in their actions.

3) Engineer - he has developed his skills and multi-tasking function, which leads to its importance. The engineer must be able to repair all.

No matter what you have a ship, from small to large or slow to fast, that you are a force.

Each ship has its own quirks, features, and fatal flaws. Remember not so much depending on the ship as you.

If you've mastered your ship, you will master the skies.

Game Guns of Icarus Online provides you with the following ships:

1) Squid - the fastest and most fragile ship.

2) Spire - has a unique gun.

3) Pyramidion - using it you will surely win the battle.

4) Junker - flexible enough to ship.

5) Goldfish - versatile ship.

6) Galleon - it is like a tank, but very rigid.


Guns of Icarus Online, of course, you like it. You feel like a real hero who performs important tasks.

Achieve success in Guns of Icarus Online and believe that the "smallness" will bring you much joy and a positive attitude to conquer other computer online games. So start playing Guns of Icarus Online for his victory over the enemy, or just enjoy the game.

Enter the world of Guns of Icarus Online and share it with your friends and closest friends

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