Alternative names: List Go

List Go online game - a fascinating world to dive into that, you need only

Stable connection to the Internet.

Installed on your computer web browser.

Also to the world List Go opened its doors you need to Register List Go game which consists of several steps.

1. Enter your new username (the name of your character).

2. Enter the new password to confirm it.

3. Enter your email address below.

4. Click "Continue" button.

Registration List Go almost finished. Further, in a new window you specify general information about you (your real name, gender, and so the motto ) And you can start a new life in the world List Go.

Also suggest that you install on your PC client for the game. Its installation will help you save bandwidth during the game, and will also notify you of any changes to the game server. You can download the client online games. Installation file weighs only 1 MB. The client will save pictures from the server and run the game in future to accelerate their load several times.

List Go When registration is complete you go to create your own character in the world List Go. You can choose the gender and appearance of the character. Gradually, when you play in the List Go, this character will gain experience and thus improve their performance, gain new capabilities and skills.

To play the game List Go online to choose from you are only three races: humans, elves and orcs. Each race has its own innate characteristics that affect the starting characteristics and skills.

Orcs: Avid Grunt who speak great two-handed weapon and endowed with physical strength. By nature rather clumsy.

Elves: Specialists fight with two swords. Despite the lack of brute force, compensate for this innate skill. The enemy can not even get on nirazu elf in battle.

People: Experts armor and other protection. May be long enough to withstand the furious attacks of the enemy, fighting one-handed sword.

From the statistics of your character (of successful battles and completing quests) will depend on its power play. Do not forget to improve the ability of gun ownership and engaged in its improvement, because it affects your damage.

For a successful start is best to start with the Arena, where players are fighting for gaining experience. You can also perform various tasks and missions. Strive to play the game online List Go and develop the necessary characteristics your character, choosing among: agility, strength, endurance, energy, wisdom, intelligence, intuition, and anger. After receiving the new experience points you distribute them among these characteristics, thus creating completely original character. Some skills are useful in battle, and others in civilian life, which is also represented in the world List Go. Peace or war - you choose.

Online game Haddan accommodates a wide assortment of various auxiliary artifacts, potions, magical trinkets auxiliary character, which can be found in abundance in the shops of the world List Go. You can become fabulously wealthy in the casino and buy you desperately desired artifacts on online auction.

List Go play in the world can afford the same pleasure as that of life. In the game there are both military and peaceful ways of earning money. Each time you level, you earn a certain amount of money. There are martial and peaceful profession available to your character.


Woodward. Profession quite dangerous, as you have to make regular raids into the forest full of dangers. Your main goal - to find caches of treasure and get professional experience.

Reaper. His mission - to protect useful plants from insects. With the success of Reaper gets some of the plants that you can sell.

Peace profession

Miner. This profession is the most accessible for all characters. You extract resources at the mine and can sell them.

Blacksmith. Using resources can create your own weapon and sell it. You must have a lot of friends to be secured orders.

Alchemist. Makes magic potions, magic weapon does.

Merchant. You can open your own shop to do buying goods from other settlers World List Go and sell its already low price for you. You can also do things a sellout and you extracted resources

List Go online opens up the world filled with contrasts and colorful adventures. Here you will visit a bar called "Western" and the ancient school of martial arts. List Go online game will not leave you indifferent. Get ready for a thrilling adventure game List Go online waiting for you.

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