Alternative names: Hawken

Hawken - online first-person shooter. Hawken game is a battle between robots giants. In the cockpit of one of them, in the cockpit of fur, you'll sit.


Before you start to play Hawken please make sure the system requirements of your computer settings:

• CPU - 2 GHz

• RAM - 2 GB

• Hard Drive - 5 GB

• connection to the Internet.

Then you can go to the design you in the game. Hawken registration will take place in this game is quite simple and fast, just watch out for the accuracy of the data

1. visit the official site of the game Hawken;

2. choose section - play for free;

3. enter a name for the future of your character;

4. enter your valid email address,

5. Use a password of at least eight letters and one number, certainly,

6. Drag the handle to the right, you confirm that you are a human,

7. tick if you agree to receive notification of events, news and updates about the game;

8. tick if you confirm that you have thirteen years and accept the rules of the game;

9. click on "create account".

You find yourself in the world of fiction. Here we have not a minute to lose, everything happens fast, robots move quickly.

First you choose the one of the options fur game Hawken online:

• Light Mechs;

• Medium Mechs;

• Heavy Mechs.

Light Mechs (Easy fur) - weak armor, with good mobility, but they rely on speed. Pilots of these furs are the most respected in the fight. He subspecies are Berserk, trespassers, Harvester Scout, Technician.

Medium Mechs (Average fur) - ideal for beginners, universal fur. Fairly stable. Represented in such subtypes: Forward, Mercenary, CR-T Recruit, Raider Sniper.

Heavy Mechs (Heavy fur) - Giant in the armor, speed sacrifices in defense. Can be converted to mobile towers. Has the subspecies: Accuser, Grenadier, rocketeer, avant-garde.

In Hawken play interesting, entertaining and these fast moving, highly Bukazoids pleasing to the eye, as compared to other robots games.

This powerful machine also provides a large selection of high-quality weapons, such as:

1. primary weapon:


• Assault Rifle;

• EOC Repeater;

• Flak Cannon;

• Hawkins-RPR;

• Heat Cannon (heat gun)

• Mini Flak Cannon;

• Point-D Vulcan;

• Redox-02;

• ReFLAK-35;

• Rev-GL;

• SA Hawkins;

• Seeker (seeker)

• Slug Rifle (rifle)

• Submachine Cannon;

• T32-Bolt.

2. additional weapons:

• Corsair-KLA;

• Grenade Launcher;

• Helix Repair Torch;

• Hellfire Missiles;

• KE-Sabot;

• Sabot Rifle;

• TOW Rocket.

For military action game Hawken offers a large selection of online cards for battles. They are well-matched for this game.

In general, the main task of the game - to improve their fur and srazhatsya opponents.



Hawk game is overrun with special effects with quality graphics. Manufacturers have invested soul that fans would have been satisfied.

Now you have to try this toy and you.

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