Hay Day

Alternative names: Hai Dai

Game Hay Day is a promising farm.

Toys on the farmer theme created a lot, but each is interesting in its own way. Heard praise in the press and Hay Day players, developed by the Supercell studio. This is an excellent simulator for playing on mobile phones and tablets. It came out several years ago, but the developers are still continuing to do it, periodically releasing updates. The most interesting begins when the holidays come, then the farm is transformed beyond recognition. Halloween, Christmas and New Year, Easter, Patrick's day are a few examples where the playground takes on a whole new look.

Everyone can download Hay Day for free to his phone, and at any time stop by to harvest or perform a task. To do this, you need an Internet connection so that you can communicate with friends by working together in some tasks or helping newcomers.

Your possibilities.

Many have already appreciated the ability to download Hay Day to the computer. At the same time, everything that is provided in the mobile version remains accessible.

Game Hay Day attracts bright graphics, and when you start to play, it's difficult to tear yourself away.

  • Development of a farm
  • Manufacturing it for personal pleasure
  • Production of products and harvesting
  • Sale of surplus on the market
  • Purchase of the missing
  • Execution and delivery of orders
  • Constant improvements in buildings and mechanisms
  • Access to decorative elements
  • At first, it will take a lot of work to get access to all structures, animals, plants and machinery. But when you reach a higher status, you can relax a little, accumulating resources for future use.

    However, do not think that this process is endless. Harvest ripens much faster than you have the opportunity for a new storage expansion. When the shelves are full, you will have to sell something to clear the place. For all types of goods you have only one warehouse, and only for fishing tackle and catch is a separate shed.

    The financial side of the game.

    For each improvement you need to accumulate not only the relevant materials, but also the currency. Game coins and precious stones are easy to obtain in the chests, which periodically appear on the territory, and for the completed task. Another option to buy missing for real money, but Hay Day game is built so that it is not necessary. It is quite possible to achieve success without additional capital injections. If you love to get yourself what you need, you'll have to work and save money, because some things are expensive. For example, if you fix a boat, you can swim on a separate island to fish.

    However, the territory is not rich in fish. Sometimes there are blue ducks, from which you can pick up precious feathers, and still collect a few tails of lobsters. But this requires special equipment, and it takes a lot of effort, time and resources to produce it. And we will have to build and improve the pool and car for this living creature, which is also costly. But then they will please the look, and bring you a good profit.

    As already mentioned, Hey Day's game is very beautiful. At a certain stage, when you do not need to save money for another purchase or pumping, pay attention to the scenery. There are a lot of beautiful things in the shop, and in the animal pens it is possible to lay out paths even with golden bricks. Install the statues, curly lanterns and other decorations to your pets was nice. You can also take a picture of your farm and show it to your friends. Compare your achievements with others, and win the competition.

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