Hero of Aethric

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Hero of Aethric is a classic RPG with an interesting storyline. The game is available on mobile devices. The graphics are pixelated, the style is very similar to the retro games of the 90s. Thanks to this solution, the performance requirements are not high, you can comfortably play even on weak devices. The voice acting is of high quality, the music corresponds to the general style, but can be annoying during a long game.

The country where the game takes place is called Aethric. This is a very beautiful place filled with magic and secrets, but unfortunately, not everything is good in it.

You will have to become a savior hero and clear the territory of Aethric from numerous aggressive monsters and robbers.

Game for a long time can captivate you with a huge number of tasks:

  • Travel around the open world and find interesting locations
  • Get building materials, food and other resources
  • Develop your city, build new buildings and improve existing ones
  • Find artifacts, weapons and armor in your travels
  • Complete story and side quests
  • Communicate with the inhabitants of fairy land
  • Expand your arsenal of moves and spells as you gain experience
  • Compete with other players online or complete co-op missions

The list is small and only displays the main tasks in the game.

Before playing Hero of Aethric, you need to complete several tutorial missions in order to control your character more effectively.

In the beginning, you will need to take the time to develop your own city. It will be exciting. What your settlement will become depends only on your choice. Arrange the buildings as you wish and create a unique design.

Try to explore the world around you gradually, so your character will quickly gain the necessary experience and learn new combat techniques. You can even use magic during battles. Battles take place in an accelerated mode, usually a few hits are enough to defeat an opponent, but he, in turn, can quickly deal with you.

You will meet many other players as you travel through the fairyland. You can join forces and perform joint tasks. There is an opportunity to fight with each other, or even to engage in robbery. Whether you are a hero or a villain is up to you.

Daily entry into the game will allow you to receive gifts for visiting.

Every month, something new happens in the wizarding world. The developers do not forget to update the game and add content regularly. Thus, the game will not bother you for a long time.

The in-game shop will allow you to buy many useful items and resources. You can pay for purchases with the game currency or real money.

In order to play, you need a stable Internet connection, but fortunately there are very few places where there is no mobile operator coverage.

Hero of Aethric can be downloaded for free on Android using the link on this page.

Start playing right now to have fun playing classic RPG on your mobile device!

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