Heroes in the Sky

Alternative names: Heroes in the Sky

Game Heroes in the Sky - is a multiplayer game in the style shooter game. Heroes in the Sky Online sends you during the Second World War, where you can play on the side chosen legion.

In Heroes in the Sky You can play either on the side of the Nazis, or on the side of the Allies. They each have their legions of planes.


In order to play in the Heroes in the Sky You need to keep your computer meets the following system requirements:

Processor: P 4 1. 6 GHz

Memory: 1024 MB

Video: Video 3 D 128 MB

Operating System: Win 2000 / XP / Vista

Internet: High Speed.


Now Online Heroes in the Sky is a very simple registration. You do not need a lot of effort to fill in the following items:

1) Enter your name. Your name should be entered in Latin letters.

2) Enter your e-mail.

3) Think and write your password.

4) Read the License Agreement page and terminology of the game.

5) Then tick the appropriate box that you agree to the terms and license agreement.

6) Press « Play » .

After that, you can safely start the game.

Game Heroes in the Sky online written in English. Russian version yet.


Before in Heroes in the Sky play, you will need to learn all about its modes:

- Campaign Mode. In this mode, you will need to pass all test campaigns that will take place in the European and Pacific fronts. These tests will overcome you as together with its allies, and alone.

- Attack and Defend Mode. This is a classic mode of any shooter game. Here you will be important to complete the task: to break the enemy, capture or destroy. Those who defend their territory, defend the need conceived plan and achieve our goal.

- Skirmish Mode. In this mode, you can really try their hand. You encounter such a situation, as one against all. Your goal - is to destroy as many enemies.

- Occupational War Mode. In this mode, you will need to survive the occupation of a massive battle. Here you are with your friends on the side of the Pacific or the European front. Your task is to prove that you're the strongest. This mode is considered the most powerful in Heroes in the Sky online.

- Raid Mode. Mode raids players together in four teams of four. In this mode, the goal - as much as possible to score points in the battle, rather than your opponent. You can also play with your friends against the campaigns run by the computer itself. If you reach the victory in this battle, you can rightly consider himself a champion of the game Heroes in the Sky Online.


Depending on which side Heroes in the Sky you play, you will have the following components:

1) Fascists . You will be able to use the five branches of aircraft. And other branches of aircraft: Germany, Italy, Japan, Gunner and Bomber. These airplanes are considered premium.

2) Allies. You can use the five branches of aircraft. For premium class aircraft Allied include: the USSR, England, USA, Gunner and Bomber.


Welcome to the Second World War!

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