Alternative names: HeroesLAND

If ever you are hopelessly captivated "Heroes of Might and Magic", especially the third part, while online game Heroes Land will do it again. In this turn-based strategy to share your character's full enough of travel and adventure, battles with monsters, fights with opponents and tournaments with the best warriors. Guests can expect the social life in fractions or clans, where you can find like-minded people, to prove himself a diplomat, to find real friends.

Join in the game Heroes Land is quite simple - you must specify the character's name and email address, password and security question (if suddenly your registration Heroes Land require rebuilding), then enter the verification code and accept user agreement.

And such a moment - that you Heroes Land online registration is enabled, but something does not loads in addition? Check if you have an updated version of Adobe Flashplayer, probably the reason is that.

So now it works, you can begin creating a character, or rather the characters - Heroes Land game online allows you to create and control up to nine characters of different races and factions. The only "but" - they are not allowed to interact. Well, the question about the number of the question - about the quality. Themselves in order to create a unique character you are offered many opportunities - choice faction, class, profession, and of course, the creation of the portrait. Let's start with fractions, which in the world of Heroes Land online lives and confronts the standard amount - they are divided into three and classically on warriors and mages.

The first race - the representatives of the World: knights, elves and magicians.

The second race - the representatives of Darkness: the inhabitants of hell, necromancers, warlocks.

The third race - the characters occupy a neutral party: swamp inhabitants, and barbarians "elementalists."

Next, assign a name to the selected character and develop appropriate race portrait. Here, perhaps, we can now play Heroes Land.

One of the main values ​​of your character in this mythical and unpredictable world, it is the "experience", which becomes greater with each passing round. Also one more important feature for those who wish to play the game online Heroes Land as a military strategist - is "charisma". Having it in abundance, you can get the number of units and form an army worthy of their leader. By the way, buying mercenary soldiers to be rather profitable investment of money because they can not kill him, but only for a while to withdraw from the game.

Heroes Land online game, which can be a worthy opponent to fight one-on-one and in group battles or organized tournaments (curious feature local PvP - they can compete immediately force four players). For a more peaceful strategists Heroes Land play an equally exciting - you can collect resources, build castles, engage in games or economy to become a traveler. Unite in the group and go see the world, fight monsters, dragons lair to seek out and produce unique artifacts. Please note that teaming up with other players, you have the opportunity to advance to compare and analyze them and your best / problematic side to create the most successful tandem.

Finally, we note that to play the game online Heroes Land - is more than just a tribute to the beloved by millions «Might and Magic III», there is his spirit and his laws, here you will find even more adventurous and interesting meetings with mythical creatures of this mysterious and fantastic world.

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