Heroes of the Gaia

Alternative names: Heroes of the Gaia

This strategy - another masterpiece from Aeria Games. Many players say that the game Heroes of Gaia has a lot to do with a favorite of gamers series Disciples, but, in fact, this project has its own individual and unique charm. The game is very interesting and capable from the first minute to entice you with its plot. Beautifully executed graphics can not but admire and quality gameplay only doubles delight. In short, if you like strategy online, then this game - what you need.

With Heroes of Gaia online you will be able to explore new lands and capture them as they build their castles and buildings. Constructed from resources you regularly can make a profit, even when you will not be in the game. You will be able to gather resources immediately after re-enter the game. You have to build your empire, being single status. That is, your back will not be a large army, and all your achievements will be solely your personal merits. Be prudent and wise warrior, always try to best approach the enemy. You will have to conclude peace treaties and alliances, to keep fighting and battle enemies - all for the sake of one day talking about you as the most brave and mighty Emperor.

This is an online game, but because you should already be prepared for the fact that Heroes of Gaia registration will be required to start. The game interface is not yet adapted for English-speaking users, but you confuse this fact should not - control the game so simple that you'll be able to figure it out, even without the help of the dictionary, including a completed registration form. Note, however, that before the game, you will need to download and install the Unity Web Player, which will further help you to play without any problems right from your browser.

To start registration, press the «Plat Free», which is located at the bottom of the game screen.

Before you open the registration form, fill that, you can begin to play Heroes of Gaia. Follow all prompts the system and fill in all the fields in the order (you will need to specify a name and password to enter the office, and write down the address of an electronic box).

If you want, you can bypass the registration process, authorized in the project, using data from their page on Facebook. And if to this at least once you've played the game from Aeriya, then you will not need to register at all - you're done with this yet at the first meeting with the project.

Before you start playing the game Heroes of Gaia, you will need to choose a game server. Your main task - to pump and to develop his character, to get victory points. The game has several major races of characters:






The project is waiting for you over 40 million players around the world. Hurry up and you prove themselves on the battlefield. Can do it right now, because to play Heroes of Gaia FREE!

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