Heroes Of The Sword

Alternative names: Heroes Of The Sword

Heroes Of The Sword Online - free browser-based multiplayer game with battles in real time. Your opponents will live players. In the role of a warrior you will find yourself in the city of flying islands, where he will show itself in all its glory. Moving up the game map, you will destroy the enemies on your way, which with equal desire to crave your death. Besides a variety of gameplay filled with tasks. Quests give the opportunity to earn money to buy weapons and periods. In this RPG you will conquer level after level, exploring each of them, and in time becomes stronger. Game Heroes of Might gives an opportunity to become a true hero, so do not miss this unique opportunity is!

Interestingly, try to play Heroes Of The Sword can as a guest. That is, without creating an account. But in this case, your achievements will not be saved. If you want to continue the begun business need Heroes Of The Sword registration, which I must say is quite simple and fast. You must fill in a few fields in a special form: player name emeyl, password, repeat password, date of birth. But first have to choose the character you want to control. Keep in mind that registration accept the terms of the agreement. So it is useful to pre-read the rules. The system requirements can not worry, because the project is not entirely fanciful in this matter and for the gameplay you will need the most ordinary average computer configuration. Overview connect to the World Wide Web. Internet really work wonders and you sitting at home, able to plunge into the exciting atmosphere Rubilovo, relive all the din of feelings, which is able to experience a true warrior.

Heroes Of The Sword You will play with weapons. However, unlike similar browser games, bullet types are absent. To help the player is given only edged weapons. Namely, sword, ax, hammer, club, syurikeny. In the beginning, you are given the opportunity to undergo training to understand how to handle weapons. Also available weapons to use spells and artifacts. And all this is to select and customize you can do! Visiting a blacksmith, you buy a powerful weapon, and if you managed to get to the tower of magic here too you will get different magical artifacts and spells (wind, water, fire, lightning and the dead).

During gameplay hero pumped and develops. A profile is a distribution achievement points on skills fighter. Parameters such as agility, protection, health, magic, strength and luck tend to improve.

Yes, Heroes Of The Sword game - a world seething adventure world where danger lurks on all sides . Why are only skirmishes between resolute opponents in the arena. Makes a variety of gameplay and the presence of several modes: solo, wall to wall, or capture the flag. You can test yourself in each of them! But besides memorable fights, Heroes Of The Sword online capable boast of having a special chat in which the people find themselves as pleasant companions, so and sincere companions. Each participant has the right to write chat messages to express their opinion on any issue.


Dear fans of thrills, you will find many interesting things. The main thing - surely go to the goal, follow the path from novice to the experienced warrior and get a lot of pleasant emotions. We can only wish you good luck and a pleasant experience!

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