Heroes of Valhalla

Alternative names: Heroes of Valhalla

Heroes of Valhalla is a great mix of genres

Heroes of Valhalla is still very fresh and is under active development. This means that tomorrow the game may be different from the one you see today. But we can already safely state that several genres of strategy and tower defense are intertwined here. Decoration in the Scandinavian style, the Vikings, their mythology and heroes.


Everything is quite simple here, starting to play Heroes of Valhalla you will be greeted by a black raven who will introduce you to the game. There are no introductory videos or stories here, yet. Just like there is no choice of character or race. You are given a small village to manage, it needs to be developed, built up with buildings and defended. The entire game interactive is the defense of the village. But this defense is not simple, there are no armies here, at least you have no siege weapons, but only powerful heroes and defensive towers.

You must organize and develop the tower defense of your city from enemy attacks. You initiate each attack yourself and put the heroes on defense yourself too. You can also control the heroes and place them on the battlefield between the defenses. Don't forget to build and upgrade towers, they will attack enemies automatically when they reach the attack zone of the tower.

Heroes are the main, today, defensive type of troops. There can be no more than 4 heroes in defense. They come in different specializations:

  • Berserker does a lot of melee damage
  • Archer deals high ranged damage
  • Knight low damage but high defense
  • Axeman average damage and average defense

As soon as you initiate an attack, the heroes move out of the gate and face the enemies head on. You can send them to intercept different groups, or you can leave them at the main gates of the city for maximum protection. For if the gate falls, the whole village will fall. We recommend that you think carefully about the stages of protection.

A word of advice: in the early stages, build defensive ramparts and level them up. The higher the level of such a structure, the higher its hit points and the more difficult it is to overcome by the enemy. And in the meantime, you can shoot it with bows or fill it with stones. Please note that there are also different types of towers with different strength, speed and attack area. New types of towers are unlocked as waves of enemies are destroyed. Also, for each wave you will receive valuable rewards from the raven. It can be gold or resources, or the horns of summoning heroes, both legendary and ordinary. Your opponents at each stage will evolve and develop. This means that you must improve your defense and develop your heroes. Pay attention to the types of enemy troops. There are soldiers who jump over obstacles, there are archers and crossbowmen, and there are ordinary melee warriors.

Download Heroes of Valhalla for free and start playing on your computer using an Android emulator. After all, this strategy was developed for smartphones.

It may seem to you that the game is very simple and there is no zest, but do not forget that this is still a beta version and in a week the developers can add something new and funny.

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