Alternative names: Holy War

Medieval religion and their loyal fanatics, the Crusades and the confrontation of entire nations - is not an easy reality Holy-War online. There is no place apostasy or cowardice, everything happens in God's name and with his permission ...

Online game Holy-War contributes to the development of browser-based role-playing games medieval theme. Achieve success and victory over the enemy, you can just follow the beliefs of their religion, which you accept when registering. Besides the global choice - religious status (Knight Catholic-Muslim Saracens and pagans), registration in Holy-War game will require you to decide what kind of world you want to live - those invited six. Well, then all the more prosaic - to create a unique name, enter the address of the current email account, accept user agreement and registration on this Holy-War is over.

Since the hero was elected automatically (Holy-War Online registration is no room for freedom of choice, as such), give it a unique and give the individual features you will not succeed.

Holy-War online game, in which all take place between representatives of the opposition, one race - between people. Followers of different religions (except fanatical devotion) different individual skills and abilities, military ammunition and weapons. Subsequently, gaining experience and earning gold coins, you can buy for your character new armor, shields, weapons and equipment. In addition, in the shops still a lot of stuff - from fighting stallions to magical elixirs.

Holy-War Game Online offers a wide variety of quests to go and solve a large number of game problems. Of course, the main leitmotif of the actions of any knight of the Order is to create your own. At least this should aspire. Perhaps your order will not immediately mighty and glorious, but have patience. Play Holy-War need stages, peering into enemies, solving immediate problems, their coaching skills. As to the latter point, it is good to exercise on their own territory, so that the mining resources and turn his humble abode in a majestic castle worthy head of the order.

To extract resources do not need to do anything special, just actively playing the game online Holy-War. Perhaps for some players robbery and assault - out of the ordinary methods, but here they are legitimate. At the interface has special features - "Attacking", "Loot", "Attack." Play the game Holy-War online is convenient for the fact that you can choose the level of the opponent - this will give you a list of candidates, which can be attacked. In addition, there is a time limit and will be able to identify attacks.

But not necessarily earn robberies - go to work or become a mercenary serving on contractual battles. Available for gamblers wagering games and betting.

And where is the place of religion, you ask? In the fighting PvP - we answer! When arranged battle - the order against the order, then that's where the hot struggle, dedication and defend their ideology. Bouts format duels on total order is determined the winner.

It should be noted that the Holy-War play at first seems nudnovato places, possibly due to the fact that before the player does not pose challenges, and there is no place story quests. But there is something else that carries no less - and the unique spirit of medieval chivalry, the opportunity to express themselves in various guises (from warrior to the preacher) and, of course, plenty to fight for the common cause.

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