Heroes of Might and Magic 5

Alternative names: HoMM 5

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 - computer strategy game. Like all previously issued series of the game Heroes of Might and Magic, Heroes V game is an updated version of turn-based games. Game Heroes of Might and Magic V is developed by a Russian company, and published by the French. Not a continuation as a new story with new characters. But not a few ideas copied from the game Heroes of Might and Magic 4.

The game Heroes 5 play, of course, does not cost anything, but you need to download Heroes of Might and Magic 5. But in general before you start playing, it is advisable to get acquainted with the organization of the game with this review and video review on the Internet.

In Heroes V used into certain parameters as in the third and fourth games. But things are moving in a completely new universe with new territories, respectively cards. In general the task of the game is the same as in the previous parts.

The game HoMM 5 changed the principle of character development. The hero has only thirteen skills. As in the third part of the Heroes of Might and Magic, Heroes Game 5 hero can not die during the fight, and where he should be there his army of monsters, so accordingly, and vice versa. Hero only with the death of all his warriors left the game and into the tavern, where it can get.

Most heroes and creatures belong to certain factions. Their in Heroes 5 six to eight additions becomes: Order Procedure, Academy of Magic, Forest Alliance, Inferno, Necropolis and the League of Shadows.

Certainly not where all the characters without weapons - magic. This system is similar to the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3. and in addition, with the use of magic hero loses manna - energy for magic.

You are traveling with the aim of conquering cities. Allowed one city per day. For all factions found only some different structures, as well as all similar to each other. But most importantly, in all the cities of the game has

• House of Elders;

• Forge;

• Market;

• Warehouse;

• Tavern;

• Mages Guild;

• Fort;

• Citadel;

• Castle;

• Shipyard;

• Dwellings beings.

House of Elders - for a daily profit of 500 gold.

Forge - buying cars for battle.

Market - for the exchange and transfer of resources and artifacts.

Warehouse - for a single resource.

Tavern - signing on for the characters and get other information.

Mages Guild - for the study of magic.

Fort - to strengthen the city, in consequence of the citadel.

Citadel - for the protection of the city.

Castle - to protect the city.

Shipyard - for the construction of ships.

Dwellings beings - for signing on creatures.

For the construction necessary to watch closely. Both in general and of the location of opponents.

Game Heroes of Might and Magic 5 fully updated to three-dimensional graphics. Also new modes of "Duel" and "Duel 3 on 3."

Hopefully you already looking where to download Heroes 5. After the game Heroes 5 is noteworthy. No wonder it refreshed, and it becomes a multi-user.

Fight against their mates or against the computer. Relive the fantasy world of heroes. You play good! Thank you for your attention.

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