horse farm

Alternative names: horse farm

Horse Farm will make you feel like a real rancher. If you like farm games and have a passion for horses, this is the game you should definitely play. In addition, the game has beautiful cartoon graphics.

When you start playing Horse Farm, you will get a very tiny ranch that you need to turn into a thriving enterprise. Later, you will be able to purchase many breeds of horses for your ranch. For example, tiny Scottish ponies, Arabian horses, Hanoverian, Appaloosa and other breeds from all over the world. You can buy some horses for in-game currency, and you can get the rarest ones by completing tasks. You won't be bored while playing, here is a short list of what you have to do:

  • Follow the board and complete the tasks that will appear on it.
  • Build stables, cabins and barns.
  • Build a café and themed rides for ranch visitors.
  • Customize your stables with decor and furnishings to suit your tastes.
  • Take care of your horses.
  • Build new stables and upgrade the ones you already have.
  • Get as many breeds of horses as you can on your ranch. Surely among them there are those that you will learn about for the first time during the game.
  • Create a breeding station that allows you to crossbreed different breeds to get cute foals with looks and features inherited from both breeds.
  • Become the founder of a riding academy.

Now a little more about everything. As you understood from the list above, you got into management not just a ranch where horses are bred for sale. Modern ranches are huge entertainment enterprises open to visitors. Keeping a large number of horses is expensive, so take care to increase the number of visitors. Build interesting attractions for them, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes where you can have a bite to eat, this will bring you money. It will be very difficult to manage the huge ranch that you are building on your own, hire workers, but do not get too carried away because they need to be paid. When creating new buildings, choose the color of the tiles and interior design to your liking, give them your unique design.

Without other players, it would be boring. Therefore, over time, you will be able to visit neighboring ranches, participate in competitions, communicate, trade and exchange goods with neighbors. It will be possible to ask for help, but do not forget to help other players yourself when asked for it. The developers are trying to entertain you. The game is developing, updates are regularly released with new attractions. Added breeds of horses. There are themed competitions. The game is free. But if you want your ranch to develop faster by spending some real money, you can make the gameplay a little easier and more enjoyable for yourself, and also thank the developers for their work.

Horse Farm download for free, you can right here by clicking on the link on the page.

Cute horses are waiting for you in this fun game, start right now!

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