Alternative names: Icedland

Icedland online - free brayzernaya fantastic game that combines classic and economic strategy. This role-playing game in text format. Text format means no active graphics modules. Icedland online game is an icy world after the Apocalypse. Register Icedland takes you to 2091. Severe time in which people who came out of cryogenic sleep, trying to survive. Creating city dwellers harsh land unimaginable efforts earn their resources that are necessary means of subsistence. Icedland you can play with almost any computer. Most importantly the presence of such system requirements:

1) Operating System Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP;

2) CPU Pentium 300 MHz

3) Memory 128 MB,

4) Compatible with DirectX videoadaptor;

5) Internet connection.

Download files do not need to play. Join in the game Icedland occurs in the following sequence:

- Introduced username - the name of the game

- Thought out password

- E-mail

- Rewritten code

Then, before you get a window where Icedland online registration prompts personal data:

- Date of birth

- Place of residence

- Floor


- Telephone number

After completing this process, you get a GPS-navigator and a knife. It is time to awaken from cryogenic sleep, which lasted half a century, and the overpowering feeling of discomfort from temporary disorientation, try to adjust to life in the future world. First you need to take care of the source of making money. Icedland online game has its own currency - Ilex. Arrange on to earn one of the enterprises or in the studio, after learning about the availability of jobs. To avoid unpleasant surprises, certainly should make sure you have selected the profitability of the enterprise.

Play the game online Icedland need pumping character. Take care of improving these characteristics:

- Health

- Force

- Intelligence

- Accuracy

- Agility

- Art

- Stability


- Skill

Health, strength, intelligence, accuracy, agility - the parameters with which increase your game gets better. The higher the degree of development of these combat skills, the easier Icedland play without fear, which is not strong enough to survive in a cruel world. Expertise, stability and learning skills related to economic and skill parameters responsible for the fight.

Online game Icedland has a well developed system of PvP. Ongoing conflicts between the inhabitants of the land often lead to fighting skirmishes. In addition from time to time have to defend themselves against attacks mutants and affine. Mutants - similar to animals being grafted with human genes. They were used in the development of vaccination DPA. Ong are outcasts of society and appear suddenly as it may appear from nowhere. In fact it is full-fledged residents Icedland, which liking asceticism. Getting up once on the way secluded existence, return to civilized life, they no longer have the opportunity.

You will be able to participate in these types of combat: melee, shot, hastily, without thinking. Also available are single and group battles, up to corporate wars.

Assortment of items needed to play Icedland diverse enough. All things are divided by category:

1) Cold Steel

2) Firearms

3) Accessories for weapon

4) Armor

5) Shoes

6) Transportation

7) Kits and stimulants

8) Grenades

9) Gifts

10) Electronics

11) Arts and inscribed

12) Parts and Junk

All things have their special purpose. Edged weapons used only in melee, but pretty cheap. Types of firearms have their pros and cons. Accessories for weapons are laser and optical sights, grenade launchers. Armor is needed to protect. You create it yourself. Shoes used in combat. Transport in the game has both air and ground. First aid kits will help restore health after the fight, and stimulants are used directly in the preparation of battle damage. Arts and collect themselves registered by making orders in their respective directories. Junk in handy when creating items. And the items in turn need to change the settings of some items. With the help of gifts you can attend to those who do you like.

In the fighting, required to perform the job quest. And to make travel, using the game map, the city and are de Freeland. Take the time to explore the icy expanses of land. Believe me, it will then be able to feel in this world comfortable and confident!

Play the game online will Icedland the levels. With each new level Icedland opens up great prospects for all players. Many levels in the game (about a hundred), so before you virtually unlimited opportunities for development. Follow both combat and economic level. Expand gradually discover deep essence of the original idea of ​​the game. Overview believe in your success and sure to be able to achieve high levels!

Dive into the unique atmosphere of the game and become the creator of a new wonderful future! Be patient and you certainly are lucky!

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