Game of Empires

Alternative names: Game of Empires

Game Game of Empires: the struggle for power.

Middle Ages, with all its attributes represents the game of Empires. Fans of turn-based strategy will plunge into the atmosphere of knights, military campaigns and exploits for the glory of the king.

From the earliest years of the three powers face each other as enemies, sharpening their swords and dream of overthrowing the local kings to lead the combined land under his banner, to join them as neutral territory. The feuds involved:

  • Severa
  • Alliance
  • UK Albion
  • Imperiya Vesterli

Estestvenno themselves kings did not want to risk in combat and employ Lords, who will represent their interests. Pick yourself a nice party relying city, recruit an army and bring to life the desire of your master.

Game Empires invites you to play the most romantic era when there was no shortage of adventures and hikes, the valor on the battlefield and tournaments. Learn the nuances of the game to take advantage of all the features of toys, and many hours of enjoyment you provided.

to hire, build and develop.

The goal is clear - you need to explore the land, and to attach them to his own. But it is right and fight your competitors and win the one who will be smart enough, energetic, brave and agile. This can be achieved by constant practice in campaigns, where clashes with the enemy forces will certainly occur.

You can play the game of Empires game, employing up to five knights, and each is gaining its own squad. Completing quests perfect way to enhance the characteristics of the commander and the army. Do not forget to improve the structure of the city: a sawmill, mines, quarries and other they provide the necessary material for the production of soldier equipment. The wealth of the city is directly related to the success of the knights, so it is in your interest to accumulate money and resources.

V Middle Ages had great faith in the divine power, and you should refer to them as coffers replenished with food or gold. But the count only it's not worth it.

All for the sake of achieving the goal.

bouts can not say that very spectacular. Opponents converge in open areas head-on. Each unit is for one of the knights. Alternately enemies exchanged attacks, and the army killed. When it is broken down completely in its place comes a new knight with his forces. This level should support and try to improve, to continue to win on all counts.

Study gaming features, arrange the units in the correct order to maintain the income of the city at a high level, improve their soldiers, better artifacts, buy equipment, and they will delight you with combat success.

reliable ally in the game of Empires iPlayer support in a moment of danger, and the higher your status, the more likely you will help by putting your feet all their talents, including ice management, fire strikes, indomitable magic.

Way of the player runs over a vast territory marked on the map. Explore its nooks and strip from the enemy, set up on the land of the free flag, declaring part of the United Kingdom. You will have an interesting job, and the road will not seem boring. Harsh, but such a wonderful world awaits its ruler, ready to demonstrate the power, wisdom, care, vision and talent of the commander.

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