Alternative names: Ikariam US

The searing bright sun, the sandy white shore and the gentle sound of the surf... Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, on a small island, a civilization is emerging. Under your command, this world is experiencing a time of prosperity and discovery! This is Ikariam US! If you want to be the one who will turn this small island into a mighty power and start playing the online game Ikariam, you need to pass a simple registration. Registration in the game Ikariam occurs as follows: on the official page of the game you click on the column Registration Ikariam and fill in the designated field login, e-mail, password and choose the world in which you will play. 

After Ikariam registration, you will get a small plot of land, which should gradually turn into a developed state. 

There are five types of resources on the Mediterranean islands:

  • marble,
  • crystal,
  • sulfur,
  • building materials
  • wine.

Especially in Ikariam US you will need building materials to build up the land. So by all means expand the production of this resource and send workers to mine it.

After mining all the necessary resources to continue, you will proceed to the most interesting stage of the game. Playing the game Ikariam online is very interesting for those who like to engage in the development and expansion of cities. With the help of the Academy you will conduct research, you will train your army in the barracks, and once you build a sea trading port and ships, you can start trading resources with other players. 

In order to protect your city from the encroachment of the enemy army, you will need to build a high wall around it. In the barracks, you can hire Praschniki warriors to guard the city. As soon as the city's affairs are settled and the warehouse is filled with resources, the attacks of neighboring enemies will become more frequent. In this case it remains to strengthen the wall if possible and, having hired an army in the barracks, send it to the defense of the settlement. After a while, battles in the open sea will become available. Here, in case of defeat you will not lose the city, but only some valuable resources.

Ikariam online game where you can not keep up with every news and change. Therefore, next to you will always be four advisors who will keep you informed of the most important fresh events. On the arrival of new news advisors signaled by a bright light. 

The online game Ikariam US is full of different opportunities to help you develop your empire. Your scientists will make many discoveries in the field of science. They will invent complex military equipment, discover new technologies and weapons. The game is free, but there are paid services, such as the purchase of Ambrosia, for which you can purchase a Premium Ikariam PLUS account. Buying this account will give you more control and visibility over the city. With ambrosia you can also increase your resource production by 20% in seven days. 

The more you develop your settlement, the more the population in it increases. This in turn allows you to increase the number of workers and scientists. To keep the population growing, you will need to keep an eye on the happiness level of the people in the Town Hall. To maintain this level, you need to build establishments where the residents can fulfill their needs. For convenience, you can change the overview of the game - a map of the city, the island and the whole world is available to you.

Play Ikariam US will be convenient for casual players, because life in the city is boiling and without your constant presence. So your constant participation in the process of the game is not a necessity - the work in the villages will continue all the time. 

The game Ikariam online welcomes cooperative play. You can cooperate with other players by making alliances and founding alliances. Such cooperation is beneficial for both sides: you can establish trade, raid with allies on enemies and colonize entire islands. But be careful: each spy mission can be exposed and the enemy side will find out who hired the spy.

Ikariam Game is worth playing! Nowadays the idea of developing your own empire is very popular. Plus, spending time like this is relaxing!

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