Alternative names: Imperion

Game Imperion is a new massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy, which refers to the genre of sci-fi. Space will be under your control, if you play the game Imperion! Embark on a mysterious expanse of limitless space for the enslavement of new planets. Imperion game offers one of the three races, with which you begin the path to the construction of their space empire. Imperion play is so nice, because the strategy has great graphics and awesome gameplay.

Before play Imperion, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB.

Imperion registration does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, select the item «Play for free»;

2. Give a name to your character;

3. Enter a secure password and confirm it;

4. Enter e-mail address;

5. Select «Register».

Imperion game is a sci-fi strategy. You will fight for the expansion of its intergalactic empire and domination in the universe. In Imperion online you will need to use strategy skills to break the resistance of the other players and space control. Imperion game provides you with the planet and initial supply of 3 resources - crystals, metals, tritium (for the Titans) or deuterium (other races), the construction sector and small-capacity power plant. You are invited to work out on the training quests Imperion online. In the future you will be able to increase the production of energy and raw materials, process, asteroids and comets, construct various buildings, to create space fleet to fight with opponents, colonize planets game Imperion. Imperion game offers to play for one of the races: The Titans, Terran and Xena. Xena - is warlike, hostile race of Titans. In the development based on genetic research, and winning is not cunning or technology, and quantity. Fleet Xenia Imperion online constructed in parallel and much faster than other races. Only this race can build a structure "brain" that allows for continuous monitoring of the planet opponent. At the Baikonur game Imperion formation available to them 40 fleets, unlike other Their strategy game Imperion simple: attack - is the best defense! Titans - is the oldest and wisest people, defenders of the game Imperion. They own advanced technologies, have a strict code of honor, so that friendly relations within the race. At Titans Imperion online have two features: Planetary shield and the Portal. They can store excess energy in the accumulator and can be used for other resources. Titans fight with representatives of their race only on ships "Le Corsaire" in game Imperion, attacks are a complete surprise to the enemy. This race is developing for a long time, has a low rate of ship construction and high price research combat fleet, which is compensated by high technology and good protection in Imperion online. Terran - a young race, which lags behind in technology and won the position in the universe due to the Titans game Imperion. This race adapts to new conditions. In game Imperion no local currency, so you'll conclude barter. In Imperion play will not be bored, because players can chat on the forum or via in-game mail.

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