Alternative names: IMVU

Did you really love to chat live and often arranged to meet new people, but the game is just for you IMVU. By this project has been attached more than eighty million people from all over the Earth and actively participate. To participate in the game there, any restriction on the place of residence and location. Just imagine, you can admire a huge little room to meet and talk in a format 3 D . Each of the participants in the game who would not wish, be able to give preference to the character that he likes it and after it is due to meet new interesting people. And then there is the probability that it is in the game IMVU online you can meet your soul mate. And just so bored you do not have to suffer! When not logged in the day or evening you will find in this game, someone with whom to talk and be able to have a good time. In this program, there is a special shop. Here are just a view of names, he realizes that you can only pass after authorization. To whet your interest in this project will tell a little about the kind of product that has more than ten million and consistently used by other participants in the game. Tantalizing prospect, though, is it?

We have already commented about the fact that you will need, as well as in other online game registration. IMVU Game registration is required to successfully start. Just the administration of this project is allowed to register with one of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Tweeter, Google or any other.

But if you have not previously registered in more than one of these social services. networks or do not want to tie the account to this game you will need to enter data in the registration form. To start the registration click on the link entitled « Choose [_3_ ] your free avatar ».

And then in front of your eyes seem a page with a form through which you'll have to establish their own account, to register the project and proceed to play IMVU. In the beginning, you are required to give preference to the appearance of your future hero. Your attention provided various guises system, male and female. Give preference to their appearance, which is prettier and you click on it by checking the box. During the game, if you want, you can change the image of the character with that visit the store.

Line « Choose your avatar name » You will need to specify Your game nickname by which you will recognize the players.

Line below you will need to come up and write your secret code to come up with a special for this game. And in the next line, duplicate it to confirm the spelling. This is necessary in order to play the game IMVU harmless and do not worry about what your account can be hacked. The code uses both numbers and symbols.

The next line write your email, you are using. And then select your date of birth.

The following record from the point of the characters that are in the image to confirm that you are a person and not a robot, select the check box if you wish to receive news from the game, and click on the " [_3_ ] Create IMVU Account », agreeing with the rules of the game.

Put the game client on your PC and start playing free IMVU.



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