Indy Cat

Alternative names: Indy Cat
Indie Game Cat is browser-based online game that has gained popularity among the customers of the classmates and VKontakte. This game belongs to a series of games and puzzles arcade browser. Indy Cat online is new from the company Playflock. Indie game three in a row cat love received players from around the world. The meaning of the game is that it is necessary to assemble the three stones in a row (no matter horizontal or vertical). Then, after collecting three stones are broken, thus, clearing a space for the following stones. In the online game play Indy Cat You can only, if you create an account on the social networks Vkontakte and Classmates. The game is free to play Indy Cat You can at any time. The only thing it should be noted that some of the options in the game are paid. Indie Game Cat Free you can make out the arrangement of pebbles. Brought together in game four of the same kind of pebbles in a row, you get one stone increased in strength. Once you connect it with two similar colors, all fields will be destroyed, depending on the vertical stone. During the game, you will need: 1. Destroy a specific number of shells, 2. Collect a specified number of points. 3. Bring the special stones to the bottom of the field. It all depends on the level at which you play. Levels have limitations: 1. The game is played at a time. 2. The number of moves in the game is limited. All restrictions also depend on the level of passing. How to contact Indy Cat and Indy cat and classmates has the same rules: 1. Available to you in one day games five lives. If you are unable to pass the required level, one of the five lives taken away. 2. Life is restored within 25 minutes. In addition, you can ask the other life. You should note that the shelf life of life only 24 hours. To use donated life, you will need to click on the "accept." You can expand the number of lives, but it's totally affect nate life that you take, store and retrieve. At each level there is a gradation of three stars. Depending on the number of points you are given from one to three stars for completing the game. Game Cat India there are several types of cells: 1. Empty cell is the most simple type. 2. Broken glass cell - it breaks after one explosion. 3. Strong Box of glass - for its destruction will need to use two explosions. 4. Obstruction from stones, which must once blow. 5. Large obstruction from stones, which need to blow up several times. 6. Locked stone. 7. Quicksands. 8. Log into the portal blue. 9. Pink out of the portal. 10. Color portal is colorful stones at him. 11. Generator rock is a special symbol, which creates stones anywhere. Stones in the game Cat India are several types: Green squares. Red heart. Orange triangles. Purple trapeze. Blue drop. Yellow circle. Many more interesting things in the game you will meet India Ivory.
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