Infinity Clan

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Infinity Clan is an item fusion game for mobile platforms with RPG elements. Here you will see bright, beautiful graphics in cartoon style. The game world is well voiced, and the music can cheer up any player!

Before playing Infinity Clan, create a character that you will control. Choose an avatar and think of a name.

After that, you will need to go through a small training and you can proceed directly to the game.

At the very beginning, you will have a minimum amount of resources and a small settlement available. But over time, you will be able to change this and significantly expand your possessions.

  • Build your own castle
  • Create an invincible army
  • Capture nearby lands and provide your settlement with the necessary resources
  • Create a clan or join an existing one
  • Upgrade your warriors to make them stronger

This is a small to-do list for you. All these actions will allow you to achieve success in the game, and now let's talk about everything in more detail.

The beginning of any game is not an easy process, you need to do a lot before enemies come to your lands in order to advance in development to higher levels as quickly as possible.

First of all, it is best to try to solve the issue of resources and the expansion of the settlement. Organize the extraction of everything you need, and then build the necessary buildings and defenses in your town.

Then upgrade your army.

Warriors in the game are improved by the principle of merging units and creatures. As a result, you will get more powerful units. Similarly, weapons are created and improved. City buildings are built and leveled up in the same way.

Castle you have to strengthen and protect the whole game. For these purposes, you will need to hire strong heroes and do not forget to increase their level in a timely manner.

The combat system is not complicated, no special skills are required from you. The army with more stronger units wins.

During the game you will have the opportunity to communicate with players around the world. Find a clan that you like and join it. Try to keep up with the rest of the participants in development and combat power. Over time, you may be able to lead a clan or create your own. But for this you need to be the best leader and the strongest warrior.

The game provides rewards for daily visits, so it's better to look into it more often.

In regular updates, more features become available, and the game world is constantly expanding.

The in-game store updates the range of available products daily. Promotions and seasonal discounts are often held. Purchases can be made both for game currency and for real money. Basically, these are various decorations, but there are also items that can make the game a little easier for you. Especially if you are just starting to play.

You can download

Infinity Clan for free on Android if you follow the link on this site.

Install the game now and become the best warlord in the fantasy world of heroes!

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