Iron Marines

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Iron Marines game for mobile devices in a very unusual format. Here is a real-time strategy game that you can play offline. The graphics are excellent 3d in cartoon style. Professionals were engaged in voice-over and selection of music.

The Ironhide Games studio that worked on the project has long been known to fans of strategy games. These developers have already released several masterpieces in the tower defense and turn-based strategy genres.

You will face a serious test during the game.

Winning the final galactic battle will not be easy. You have to fight in different worlds and each time you need to make every effort to win.

  • Establish the extraction of the necessary resources, this will create a powerful army
  • Explore the area around the base, but be vigilant, the enemies may be closer than you think
  • Learn new technologies to build deadlier vehicles and equip infantry with better weapons
  • Win battles against enemy armies and conquer their planets

With this variety of challenges, you won't get bored while playing Iron Marines.

Before you start, complete the tutorial mission, where you will be taught the basics of control with the help of hints.

In the early stages of the game, the most important thing is to provide the base with everything you need. Immediately after this, you should spend time setting up defensive lines so that it is easier for your warriors to hold the defense.

Next, act on the basis of the objectives of the mission. There are 23 missions in total and each subsequent one will be a little more difficult than the previous one.

Battles will take place on three planets. Everywhere there will be natural conditions, vegetation and enemies. Every time you need to find the right tactics, otherwise you will not see victory. But this only adds variety to the game, which makes it even more interesting to play. If the first time to pass the level did not work, try to act differently.

In addition to ordinary fighters in your army, heroes can fight single-handedly to destroy entire squads of enemies. These are unique characters, each with individual abilities and fighting style. Not all of them are available from the first level. In order to hire the best of them, you need to fulfill a number of conditions.

The game guarantees many evenings spent in battles with numerous enemies. You may want to play through the campaign again using different tactics on the battlefield.

The in-game store will allow you to hire heroes into your army, purchase useful artifacts, weapons or boosters. It is possible to pay for purchases with game currency or real money. The developers are not greedy, so you can play comfortably even at no cost. If you want to say thank you and want more projects like this to appear, spend a small amount and support the people who created the game.

You can download

Iron Marines for free on Android by following the link on this page or by visiting the developers' website.

Start playing right now to show the whole galaxy who is the best commander!

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